Would you hire a person who keeps on jumping from one job to the next?


  1. If hindi tumatagal ng one year sa trabaho: Best yung at least two or more years. Limited natutunan ang one year lang sa work.
  2. Saan siya lumipat at bakit: If he moves because he’s “unhappy” or pinagiinitan siya sa work, bad sign.
  3. If he/she resigned properly and rendered at least 30 days: Hint na yan kung may proper clearance and nakuha lahat ng final pay.
  4. If nagreklamo sa DOLE because of XYZ: Was there any abuse? What happened before nag DOLE complaint? May grounds ba?
  5. How he talks about his former employer? What was his/her relationship with his former employer? If pangit sa lahat ng employer, ikaw din makakaaway niyan.
  6. Competence questions: If he can actually do the job you need? Relevant ba yung experience or nambobola lang? If serial jumper tapos wala namang achievements, pass!
  7. Educational background: Says a lot about the person’s interests. Are they more liberal arts or technical? What’s their GPA? Saan sila nakaupo sa classroom? What were their group projects? Sa sagot, kilala mo na paano magtrabaho.
  8. If he has family problems or sickness: Not to discriminate but I want to know if such family issues had been solved, or dadalhin niya yan sa bagong work niya.
  9. If nega sa mundo and galit. Yung laging walang kasalanan pero fault daw ng iba: I’m ok in making mistakes but frequent handwashing turns me off.
  10. If he/she is willing to accept the job offer or benefits: Or will they be wishy washy pa. If they’re not excited about the offer you make, and pagiisipan pa, auto pass. Hindi sapilitan ang work.

Iba yung sobrang galing tulad ng ibang mentors ko na laging may kumukuha ha. Mga in demand yan and they move kasi talagang greener pastures and we can’t compete on salary/benefits. Iba din yung lumipipat lang kasi bored na sa trabaho and gusto magpalit for the heck of it.

Whatever he does to others, he will often do it to you.

Given this, how attractive do you think an applicant is if laging nagpapalit ng work and hindi tumatagal sa isang trabaho?

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3 thoughts on “Would you hire a person who keeps on jumping from one job to the next?

    1. Actually, we should look into WHY they have an employment gap. I can completely understand why some people chose to not work, and they should not be penalized for choices that has less to do with professional integrity.

      However, we should get to know our future hires well, and this includes interviewing them thoroughly so we can make a calculated decision on whether we are to hire a person or not. We cannot ignore the whys as it’s part on who they are as people and hopefully as future employees of the company.

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