My Practical Views on “Bale” or Cash Advance

Allowing cash advance in company = Inviting more headaches.

We have a “No cash advance or bale” policy in place. It is contained in our rules and regulation and also written in the employment contract.

If staff wants a cash advance, they can borrow from SSS and Pagibig. Basta ang policy namin, buo ang sweldo para walang simangot pag dating ng sahod kasi “kulang” ang sahod.

Starting a cash advance habit will only encourage bad spending habits and will invite the wrong people into your organization.

What’s more, if improperly done, cash advance is hard to bawi from final pay.

So many employers discover that employees with large cash advances will DOLE them upon departure to prevent the employer from chasing after the debt. This creates a lot of issues and headaches. Nag cash advance ka na, na DOLE ka pa para takasan lang ang nautang.

Do NOT start giving cash advance. If you want to help, give money as a one-off. Huwag mo nang pabayad. But please please please for your sanity, do not give cash advances as a policy. Sakit lang talaga ang ulo sa ganyan.

Note: Pag uutangan ka, it’s always an “emergency.”

And it is our job to say no. Kasi it’s part of our policy. If the staff did not save for emergencies, then they can avail of SSS or Pagibig loans.

By the way, walang pera for tuition is not an emergency. Nabuntis ng kapatid niya ang babae is also not an emergency. Maputulan ng kuryente is also NOT an emergency. If they did not plan for these expenses na laging mayroon, hindi na problema ng company yan.

Pag nabaha ang bahay, that’s an emergency. Pag nabangga ng bus, that’s also an emergency.

Pero if that’s the case, bigyan mo na lang na one off na ayuda kaysa pa bale mo pa. Tulungan mo na lang kaysa ibaon sa utang.

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