Life Lessons: The Lazy Girl and the Diligent Girl and How it Relates to Life and Employment

My daughter and I discovered the Story of the Diligent Girl and the Lazy Girl on YouTube.

It is a story that should be watched by everybody, especially by employees and children during this time of the pandemic.

There was so many takeaways for me in this story for both children and adults alike, especially employees. If you really reflect on the story, it teaches you on how to live your life in the proper way, that makes it so much more fulfilling. It’s like, “What goes around, comes around.”

So why not let’s look at the story together. Watch to the Youtube or read the story below. And let’s compare notes on what you’ve learned with The Story of the Diligent Girl and the Lazy Girl later on. The story is so rich, there’s way more than what’s in the surface:

The Diligent Girl and the Lazy Girl

It was a story of the the Diligent Girl whose father married the Lazy Girl’s Mother. The Stepmother sent the Diligent Girl away to find a job and make some money. She came across a tree who asked her to clean off the dried twigs from the branches off.

lazy girl 1

The Diligent Girl happily did what was requested, and then went on her way.

She then saw another tree on the vineyard, who also asked her to clean off the twigs. Even though it was hard and she was exhausted, she still did as she was told.

lazy girl 2Afterwards. she saw an old cracked oven who asked her help to clean and fix him up.

lazy girl 3

As she walked on, she saw a dirty dog who asked for her help to clean him up. Even though she needed to get wet and dirty, the Diligent Girl did what she was told.

lazy girl 4Then she came upon a fairy’s house who offered her a job to clean the house for one year. The fairies said, “There are seven rooms in this house. You need to clean 6 of them, and you must never ever enter the 7th room.”

diligent girl 1The Diligent Girl did what she was told.

diligent girl 2And at the end of the year, she told the fairies she wanted to go home. The fairies opened the 7th room and inside was full of gold and silver.

diligent girl 3The fairy told her to sleep on top of the gold and silver. Anything that stuck to her dress is now hers, as payment for her year of hard work. This was her reaction as what her reaction every time somebody gave her an instruction:

diligent girl 4Many gold and silver coins stuck to her body.

diligent girl 5When she woke up, she bid adieu to her fairy employers and started her journey home. When she reached the river, she came upon the dog whom she has helped clean before. The dog led her to a place where there was a pile of gems and jewels. The dog asked her to help herself with the jewelry and to take as much as she want.

diligent girl 6

The Diligent Girl helped herself and went on her way.

She then came across the Well who asked her to help herself with fresh water. As she was thirsty, she did. And then went on her way.

diligent girl 7

She then came across her old friend, the now repaired oven, who offered her delicious bread that was freshly baked. Since she was hungry, the Diligent Girl helped herself to the lovely bread, and then went on her way:

diligent girl 8

She then came across the old tree by the vineyard. The old tree offered her the delicious wife to satiate her thirst.

diligent girl 9

Afterwards, she came across the tree who has borne some beautiful crunchy apples. The tree offered for her to help herself to as, and she did. She ate some of the delicious fruit and packed some for home.

diligent girl 10

Soon she reached home. The house rooster and called out, “The mistress is home! Look, how much gems and coins with her!”

This made the wife very angry and said that her dirty could earn more. The mother sent the daughter to find work and earn a lot of money.

The Lazy Girl went off to look some work and came across the old tree, who was once again dry. Just like what happened with the Diligent Girl, the old tree asked for her to clean off the dried twigs. To this, the Lazy Girl replied:

diligent girl 11

The Lazy Girl ignored the pleas of the Dried Old Tree and walked ahead.

She then came across the Tree from the Vineyard, who asked her to clean the twigs. “Girl, can you help me?” the tree said.

diligent 1

The Lazy Girl replied, “No, I have to find work and make money. I have no time to help you.”

She then went and came across the broken oven. The oven asked for her help to which the lazy girl replied,


She now approached the well who asked for her help to clean her. “Cleaning you will tire me and I don’t want to get tired.”

The little dirty dog approached her and asked her for help to give him a bath and trim his hair.


If I touch you, I will be dirty! Look at all the flies in your hair!”

After some time, she came upon the fairies’ house, went in and asked for work.


Similar to the Diligent Girl, the fairies offered her work for a year, but warned her not to enter the 7th room. “You must clean all 6 of them, but you must never ever enter the room.”


The girl agreed and started working for the fairies. For a few days, she did as told. But one day, she decided to sneak into the seventh room. The room was dark but she went in anyway.

fairies 3

The door closed behind her. And bugs and insects attacked her and bit her everywhere.

fairies 4

I told you not to enter the 7th room!” the fairies called out. She ran out bleeding and bruised, unhappy to stay for another second.

She came across the dog and asked for its help.

Lazy girl 2

“You never helped me,” the dog said. “Why should I help you now?”

She ran and was thirsty when she came upon the old well. She reached out to get the water but the well took away all its waters.

Lazy girl 3

It said, “When I asked for your help, you refused. I cannot help you now. Go away!”

Disappointed, the Lazy Girl went away. She walked until she came upon the oven. But the oven chased her away with its flames. “You refused to help me when I needed your help, I will not help you now. Go away!”

The girl continued her journey home. She was hungry, thirsty and tired.

She reached the vineyard hoping to get some vine. She reached out but the old vine did not let her touch anything. The girl was forced to leave the vineyard and go on.

The Lazy Girl came upon the old tree. The tree had a lot of fruits.

When the Lazy Girl reached out for the fruits, the old tree told her, “You did not want to spoil your hands when I needed your help. You cannot have any of my fruits now. Go away!”

The girl walked home. As she approached the house, the rooster saw her and said that she was covered with blood and dirty.

The woman saw her beloved daughter in her poor state. She turned to her husband, “I agree. My daughter did not make any money. It is your daughter who made all the money.”

The man was so upset with the woman’s terrible treatment of his daughter so he threw both her and her daughter away.



So how does this relate to your life? I will make a separate post on my takeaways because there’s definitely more than one. Please share your takeaways in the Comments below!

My Takeaways

Have you noticed that…

  1. The Diligent Girl did not have a habit of complaining.The Diligent Girl did not complain against her stepmother or her stepsister, and remained calm, did as she was told and just be herself? It made me think on how ma-reklamo everyone is lalo na sa social media. How much pleasant life will be if there are less mareklamo people in the world!
  2. The Diligent Girl helped others without asking for or expecting anything in return.When people asked her for help, she did even though it was tiring and her hands got dirty. She did not ask to get paid. Instead, she went on her way. How good is it if not everything has a price!lazy girl 2
    This is a reason why I don’t offer consultancy services even though people always ask me about my rates. Because when I give free, well-meaning advice, I am not employed to anyone. Hence, I am not indebted to them. That’s how I can give brutally honest advice. Kung ayaw mo makinig, edi huwag. Once people pay you, nawawala ang good will.
  3. The Diligent Girl worked quietly and did as they were told.Which was why the fairies rewarded her in the end? The Diligent Girl is the epitome of a great hire. She is quiet, works very well, and does what she is told. These are the people na masarap ipromote and bigyan ng money!promotion
  4. The Diligent Girl still obeyed the rules even though the fairies did not supervise her.Many employees are like the Lazy Girl. If there’s supervision, napakabait at masunurin. Pero once na wala nang supervision, ayan, nagkakalat na ng lagim!It reminds me of probationary employees who do what they are told for 6 months, and then once they are regularized, they start to not follow instructions because they think they have security of tenure and they can’t be kicked out na. Wrong!
  5. The Lazy Girl only thought about her own interests, and nobody else. Actually, I would call her “Selfish.”Do you have a staff who always says, “Sorry, but that’s not my job!”?

    If you are too mabilang and calculating towards your company and your boss, eventually, they will know what type of person you are and they too will count the benefits they give you. Yung sakto lang!

    Personally, I am more generous to employees who are not mabilang than those who are.  It’s always better to give if employees do not demand. Anyway, if they are worth it, there’s no reason why you should not reward them. Once they start demanding for benefits before you’re not ready, it’s admittedly a lot harder to give because you don’t want to give just because someone asks for it. Rather, you give because they deserve it.

  6. Crime does not pay.When the Lazy Girl disobeyed the fairies commands and entered the room, bad misfortune fell upon her and she was badly bruised and caught, making her run away from a good job.If you think nobody will catch you, don’t. Never do something bad like lie, cheat or steal, because eventually, things will catch up on you.

    fairies 4

  7. Blessings come from the most unexpected places. All you need is to open your eyes around you. Who knew that the old tree, the old broken oven and the dirty dog could bring you so much help and riches?
  8. If you don’t help others, don’t expect them to help you when you need assistance.Who wants to help someone who is swapang?Lazy girl 4
  9. If you have a habit of helping, it gets easier as you go along. If you have a habit of not helping, you will always have a reason not to help.The Lazy Girl opined that she did not have the time to help. She did not want to get wet or her hands dirty. All the reasons to escape from the assistance of someone. However, if you really want to help, you would. No ifs and no buts.

  10. We should watch more stories with our daughters. You never know how many insights you can learn just by listening to moral stories of others.Truly, we learn something new every day if we only open our eyes.

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  1. Great! This narrative provided me with numerous insights for both youngsters and adults, particularly employees. If you truly think about it, the story teaches you how to live your life properly, which makes it so much more satisfying. Thank you.

  2. This story teaches us that beautiful people are skinny and diligent, fat people are ugly and lazy. It also teaches us that girls should always do what they are told and sacrifice. Thanks but no thanks.

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