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HR Hacks: 12 Confusing Common Questions Answered About DSWD SAP, DOLE CAMP, and SSS SBWS

After receiving (or not receiving) government aid, many people are still confused as to what they are, and what they’re supposed to get. Hence, I consolidated the answers in one post just to clear things up. 1. What is CAMP, … Continue reading

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Love Hacks: The Choice is Simple — Forgive or to Leave

A lot of women complain about their significant others. Specifically, in the aspect of infidelity. “My husband cheated,” they would ask. “But he said he’s sorry. Do cheaters change?” Obviously, every single woman would shout, “NO, Are you freaking nuts?! Don’t … Continue reading

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10 Things That Kept Me Busy During the ECQ

Over the last month, our family has spent a lot of quality time with each other as we generally followed through the government mandated Expanded Community Quarantine (ECQ). 1. I worked… The first two weeks, I closed the 2019 ledgers … Continue reading

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Love Hacks: Who is the King Stefan in our Lives?

We are watching Maleficent and King Stefan’s betrayal really struck me. King Stefan was Maleficent’s childhood friend and later betrayed her by sawing off her wings as proof of her death so he can be the king’s successor. I realize … Continue reading

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Death at the Time of Corona(virus)

As of today, March 18, there are 202 confirmed cases of Coronavirus, with 17 dead. That’s a whopping 8.4% of those confirmed who died, double the global death rate of 3.5%. Source: http://www.covidph.com 17 is not yet that bad. While … Continue reading

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Highly Recommended: Hapag MNL, A Celebration of Filipino Tastes in a Pretty and Organic Package

For our post-Valentine’s Day date, hubby and I tried out a new private dining restaurant in Katipunan. To be honest, I’ve been trying to het a reservation at Toyo Eatery but their times are always inconvenient, so it was very … Continue reading

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Love, Mr. Dessert and Hope for Single Women in Daranak Falls

We had an interesting experience at Daranak Falls Tanay. When we went to Tanay Daranak Falls, we heard the big voice of a man who was hawking his mango graham goodies. Mango Graham in a tub is super easy to … Continue reading

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10 Tips for a Successful Blind Date

1. Put your phone down. It’s annoying and will not die if you did not look at it during the date. 2. Maintain eye contact with your date when talking to him. Looking in the floor or everywhere else is … Continue reading

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5 Important yet Unconventional Questions to Ask BEFORE You Marry

Husband and I have joined more pre-marital counseling sessions more than average. We’ve gone through at least 15 separate sessions both one on one and as a group, but after we got married, there was still some adjustment. Apparently, most … Continue reading

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Spot, Don’t Tell

I know of a handful of good women and their naughty little partners. For some reason, I come across some acquaintance’s husband who should not be doing what they were doing when I saw them. One had the bad luck … Continue reading

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Highly Recommended: Kimnetix’s Art Sessions every Saturday Afternoon @ Conrad Manila

Are you looking for a relaxing creative activity every Saturday afternoon for a small fee of ₱350? My daughter and I attended the Kimnetix Network-organized art session in Conrad Manila yesterday. For a minimal charge of ₱350 per person, we … Continue reading

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Is it the Woman’s Fault When Things Don’t Work Out?

A mommy asked last week after discovering that her husband had an affair, “He said that it was my fault that the marriage is broken because of my attitude and how I led our family. So I apologized for everything.” … Continue reading

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