HR: How to Keep Staff? Make them Feel Valued

The next topic is Ms Claire Boscq-Scott, director of The Busy Queen Bee, who will be discussing Customic Centric HR.

She talks about the internal customers, the Employees. Unfortunately, only 24% of employees are actively engaged. Why?

Because it seems that HR is not really meeting employee needs. Here’s what Ms. Claire says are some of their expectations:

We want to FEEL SAFE and VALUED.

There three types of employees:

The Advocates are those who are happy to be there. The Apathetic don’t care as much. And the Saboteur destroys the dynamics of the business.

In the Philippines, the advocates consist of 29% of the staff. 63% are apathetic while 8% are saboteurs.

Her advice?

Take one minute to be mindful.

Have team work.

Create trust, mindfulness, gratefulness and empathy.

Create an emotional connection so you can help them to be involved in the company.

Because once you VALUE your employees, they STAY.

Only 12% of employees leave because of the money. People don’t want more money. They want to be valued.

By creating a caring service culture, you create LOYALTY.

Now, can you do it?

Here’s her free book to read more about her thoughts.

And while customers are not always right, start by understanding what their problems are, and to solve their issues one by one.

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