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Kid-Friendly Overnight Stay at Clark: Dinosaur Island, Duty Free Shopping and one of the best Kapampangan meals ever!

To be honest, there’s not a lot of kid friendly things to do in Clark. Sure, there’s Nayong Pilipino, casinos, several duty free shops, a horseback riding venue and a few waterparks. But it’s not Subic where there’s a heck … Continue reading

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Reposting: Partners and Marriage

PARTNERS AND MARRIAGE by Eduardo Jose E. Calasanz I have never met a man who didn’t want to be loved. But I have seldom met a man who didn’t fear marriage. Something about the closure seems constricting, not enabling. Marriage … Continue reading

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HR Lessons: Hire Someone who can Follow Simple Instructions

Common sense is underrated. It’s really not that common. As a hiring manager, you need to find someone who have common sense and can listen/follow to simple instructions. Story 1: Spot the one who followed instructions and who did not. … Continue reading

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Highly Recommended: Babyplus Prenatal System

It’s an amazing investment. We love ours. I used mine once a day while pregnant. While the machine looks blah, the results was concrete. My baby came out used to the sounds. She wakes up at night less than average … Continue reading

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Why Responsiveness is Key to a Meaningful HR

This is a true story: The staff called the HR to ask why there was a missing php500 in her cash card. This was not the first time, but the third time already. She alleged that the agency was stealing … Continue reading

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Business Lesson: Always Check the Breakdown

Story 1: “Ma’m, it’s almost time to pay for the next round of classes again,” my daughter’s yaya said. She showed me the Statement of Account for the next session. “Huh? I just paid them,” I replied, checking the breakdown: … Continue reading

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Do we have time to take a break?

I read this statement this morning: “Maybe be kinder to yourself, Momma. If money is not an issue, maybe you can slow down for like a year and enjoy your baby while she’s still a baby and let yourself heal.” … Continue reading

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What will I do if my husband cheats?

I would stay. Then I would LEAVE. I have told him as such, and already have a plan ready in case I find out that he is cheating on me. If it is a long-standing affair, I will stay put … Continue reading

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Cheating when your Spouse is Pregnant

Guys seems to have a tendency on cheating on their pregnant partners. Our driver did it. My husband’s friend did it. Everyone seems to think that if a girl is pregnant, they have to stop poking on the hole no … Continue reading

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