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An Entrepreneur’s Life: Solving Problems the Entire Day

A lot of people ask what I do the entire day. The short answer is, “Long term wise, I set the direction of the company. Short term wise, I solve problems.” Especially when it comes to running a business, you … Continue reading

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Annulment in the Philippines 101

The Philippines is one of the few countries where divorce is not allowed. Given it’s strong religious roots which dictate what the Lord has brought together, man cannot bring apart, couples here separate illegally, and co-habitate and have children with … Continue reading

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When your Child gets Less than Outstanding

Readers of my blog know that I have been highly satisfied with my daughter’s schooling at Mother Goose Playschool, so much that I have written an extensive blog post about it, Why I Highly Recommend The Mother Goose Nursery as a … Continue reading

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Hong Kong!

I was surprised to see a USD 149 sale round trip Cathay Pacific ticket available when I booked last Sunday. It was a spur-of-a-moment decision, and I took it, separated from my family for the first time since I got … Continue reading

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Leadership Series: Create an Atmosphere where your People can Tell the Truth

I received a call this afternoon. My new supervisor made a big boo-boo — She erroneously gave our staff the wrong schedule causing the store to still remain closed until noon. The late opening caused us to incur mall late … Continue reading

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This is a time when you hate being an entrepreneur….

When you have to burn the midnight oil just because you still have to pay your bills. Payroll day and rental day, which are both on the 15th are the worst. Whoever said managing a business is glamorous is lying.

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HR Series: For probationary employees, are you counting the correct 6 months deadline?

The Philippine Law said that companies have 6 months to gauge the capability of a probationary staff before the decision is made to regularize that staff. Companies erroneously count 6 months from the day they start. Hence, for example, if … Continue reading

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Highly Recommended: Bangs Prime Salon for Digital Perms

I paid ₱2999.00 to get the digital perm at Bang’s Prime Salon via Metrodeal. Since I lived in Ortigas Center, I chose to have my hair done at Bangs SM Megamall, which is located in the far end of Building … Continue reading

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How do overseas Filipino workers (OFW/DDS) survive without seeing our family?

They don’t. Their cheeks are sunken and tired. The skin in their hands shriveled by too much hard labor. Their eyes easily drip with tears when they talk about their experiences abroad. Particularly those who worked as Domestic Helpers or … Continue reading

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Leadership Series: Crab Mentality

In the Philippines, we have a saying that you should not have a Crab Mentality. Have you ever seen crabs in a barrel?  Everyone wants to escape to avoid being eaten, but every time someone gets a leg up, the … Continue reading

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My Thoughts on the Hong Kong Protests

I had people messaging me privately after I posted this video online: Look, it’s hard for friendships when politics come in. However, I am glad both sides are still respectful even if we disagree. We can always respectfully agree to … Continue reading

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Recommended Restaurant Review: Savage MNL, BGC Taguig

For brother’s birthday, we drove all the way to BGC Taguig for a nice dinner at Savage MNL. Savage MNL is located in the relatovely isolated Arya Residences in BGC Taguig. With only a Starbucks, a Japanese restaurant and Lemuria … Continue reading

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