HR Series: Pivot or Perish in HR?

The talk by Mr. Nonong Noriega, Head of People and Transformation Capability Development in PLDT-Smart:

Iba talaga sa Pilipinas, masmasaya if there’s song and dance. 🙂

This is the age of disruption. Either you’re the disruptor, or the disrupted.

The supervisors are closest to their employees. They can help their staff adopt new processes and behaviors.

Who delivers the change MATTERS.

EQ is needed. Leadership is still 70% people skills.

The reality is the Baby Boomers. The X-Gen text. The Millenials, screenshots and shares online.

Who are the Baby Boomer’s heroes? Iconic figures – Mother Theresa, Jose Rizal, and other respected figures.

Who are the heroes of X-Gen? Avengers and He Man.

Who are the heroes of the Millenials? Their parents.

So millenials are looking for MENTORS.

Baby boomers are loyal to the company. It’s where they got their bread and butter.

The X-ers are loyal to the immediate boss.

The Millenials are most loyal to EXPERIENCE.

They aren’t just happy with wages and benefits. They want experience.

The present state is the status quo. But change is a process.

In every company, there’s the EQUILIBRIUM QUOTIENT. Culture is now defined in their DNA.

Given that the economy has become more competitive, owners want staff who can take change and are aggressive in stealing market share.

Ask any Filipinos to work and they can. They ask for 10 and can give you 20.

But Filipinos are weak with analytical thinking, decisiveness and judgement call.

When did we reinvest the Self? The skillset?

Modern HR is now in defining competencies (vs job description).

No cross, no crown. Everything meaningful requires sacrifice.

HR needs to guide their staff through the process:

We cannot look at change in the context of displacement. We look at change as a way of growth.

Look at your workforce and a mismatch. Be available in guiding them for a change.

When you ask a senior leader to fulfill the role of an executive sponsor, you are asking them to do their job differently.

Leadership is not confined to titles. Many successful leader serve as much as they lead.

Leaders have to nurture from within

A good CEO will want to get the bad news first before finding out from someone else.

Bad news transforms. It is often the impetus of meaningful change.


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