Partially Recommended: The Alpha Suites, Makati

Hubby and I booked a staycation at The Alpha Suites Makati for my post birthday celebration.

It’s a nice hotel that offers studio units that include a small living room, dining and kitchenette set, all for a relatively cheap price of Php 6,000 a night (USD 117) all in, including free breakfast.

You need to have a ₱3,000 deposit ready upon check in. It’s payable by cash or credit card so that was nice. Check in was reasonably fast.

The hotel is just across the Makati firestation at the end of Ayala Avenue. There’s a small mall within the building that only has a few kiosks, a Zoo Coffee Shop, a Vietnamese restaurant and a 7-Eleven.

We decided instead to eat at one of 8 specialty restaurants at the 6th floor instead. The concierge was nice to give us a ₱500 voucher upon check-in so we decided to take advantage of the deal.

Most of the restaurants are quaint but empty. The prices of the Western and Thai restaurant were a bit expensive at ₱400-1000 a dish.

Luckily, the Chinese Restaurant, Tang, had relatively cheaper prices.

We ordered the Chinese Tenderloin, Chicken sauteed in Garlic with Brocolli Flower, and Fookien Fried Rice. They were acceptable for the price.

We also shared a Mango Sago whicu cost around ₱120 each.

Our entire meal cost ₱930 (USD18) with taxes all in. Not bad for a yummy meal!

The room was big at 63 sqm.

It’s better than the photos on the website. The corridors are not aircon and super plain but the rooms themselves are spacious and one of the best available in Metro Manila.

Here’s the spacious living room, kitchenette, and dining room.

They offer free CBTL capsules for your morning coffee so wohoo!

The queen sized bed is spacious and the pillows are ultra comfy. The duvet is just the right thickness and kept us warm given the cold aircon.

There was a small walk in closet which we found to be unnecessary. However, it may be useful for guests who are staying for a long time.

The toilet is small and good for one person. If you open the door, you can’t use the toilet because it’s that small.

The shower is warm and the water is strong. Alpha Suites provide the basic toiletries like shampoo, conditioner, dental kit, shower cap and soap, so it’s very convenient.

The toilet paper holder fell so there’s a bit of a wear and tear damage there. But the place is clean and you can imagine yourself living there for more than an overnight.

The only reason I am giving it a 2-star is because of this.

Their smoke alarm rang not just once, or twice but three times in the early morning for 10 minutes at a time, thus waking us up.

  • 1:45 am
  • 2:07 am
  • 2:29am

The smoke alarms lasted 10 minutes each and only stopped after I called the Alpha Suite Reception.

Each time, they were apologetic and promised to turn it off and it did. Only for it to ring aloud again and disturb our sleep.

What’s worse, it rang AGAIN at freaking 9:30am, shaking us awake!!!!

*insert expletive here*

We once again called reception and they shut it off. However we have never had such repetitive annoying experience in any of our staycations with the smoke alarm ringing not once, twice, thrice but FOUR FREAKING TIMES in one overnight stay!!!!

We waited for the concierge to mention this upon check out but there was none. Apparently, the manager is not informed about the smoke detector debacle that disturbed our sleep multiple times.

In Summary

It’s a great underrated hotel that offers a bigger than average room at a decent php6,000 price with a nice php500 food voucher, free parking and free breakfast.

We did not avail of the breakfast anymore because of our lack of sleep. Hence, while I would have highly recommended this hotel for any kind of stay as it’s one of the better ones in Metro Manila, I still have to be honest and kick it to a 2-star since no other staycation managed to turn on the smoke alarm from 1:00am 3x and another at 9:30am.

Stay in this hotel because it’s nice albeit a bit out of way. There’s always Grab to get you around anyway.

But make sure you warn the concierge about the smoke alarms. It will disturb your sleep. So don’t say I did not warn you!

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