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For Those who Received Double Aid — How Honest Are you?

My letter to my staff wrote like this:   SUBJECT: FOR THOSE WHO RECEIVED DOUBLE AID — HOW HONEST ARE YOU? Congratulations!   Our company was approved for the Small Business Wage Subsidy (SBWS). The government will give Php 16,000. … Continue reading

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COVID-19 Update: To See if We are Doing Well, Look at Population Density

ALWAYS LOOK IN TERMS OF POPULATION People have been hawking how bad the Philippines is to be #1 of confirmed cases in Southeast Asia. We have the most confirmed cases so we must be #1: But I think this is … Continue reading

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10 Things That Kept Me Busy During the ECQ

Over the last month, our family has spent a lot of quality time with each other as we generally followed through the government mandated Expanded Community Quarantine (ECQ). 1. I worked… The first two weeks, I closed the 2019 ledgers … Continue reading

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Love Hacks: Talk about Cheating BEFORE it Happens

A woman is mad because she discovered her husband was talking to a recently separated officemate and offering her words of comfort as she goes through her separation. “Honestly, I felt jealous on how he comforts her,” she complained. “He already … Continue reading

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10 Thoughts during the ECQ

1. It doesn’t matter how much money you have. Rich people can be unhappy and shoot themselves. It’s better to be poor and alive than to be wealthy and dead. 2. It’s hard to be disciplined if those that lead … Continue reading

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10 Quick Takeaways from the Lockdown

1. Make sure you have savings to tide you even with a 6 month lockdown. Stop buying luxurious things if you don’t have any savings —- Do you really need a pair of Valentino shoes? 2. Work for a company … Continue reading

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Q&A: What should I do if Husband and I Have Petty Fights all the time? He does not give me what I want…!

ORIGINAL QUESTION: My husband and I constantly fight over petty issues. Like just 2 weeks ago we fought over an officemate of his that would send him memes from FB through messenger. Anytime of the day even during weekends. His … Continue reading

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The Many Faces of my Daughter

My daughter loves to be on costume. She uses and reuses them, and pretends to be in character. It’s nice that she has a good imagination and since costumes aren’t too expensive in the Philippines, we support her fun hobby. … Continue reading

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Bon Voyage Again!

Traveling again! This time, with a bigger group. We are redoing our trip from last year and will hit up the Danube river via Crystal Cruises. Crystal Cruises is a 5-star river cruise which houses the best rooms in a … Continue reading

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Touchdown in Hong Kong for the Long Weekend

We have once again touched down in Hong Kong to avail the cheaper hotel rates and go to Disneyland and Ocean Park for the kiddo! She’s excited. The Cathay Pacific flight is almost full. A lot of Filipinos are traveling … Continue reading

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Staff Housing Agreement Form (with Downloadable Word Doc)

We have drafted a Staff Housing Agreement and asked our lawyers to look through it after providing a staff house. I have decided to share this so that everyone can benefit if they are also providing a staff house. It’s … Continue reading

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Spot, Don’t Tell

I know of a handful of good women and their naughty little partners. For some reason, I come across some acquaintance’s husband who should not be doing what they were doing when I saw them. One had the bad luck … Continue reading

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