Highly Recommended: Bangs Prime Salon for Digital Perms

I paid ₱2999.00 to get the digital perm at Bang’s Prime Salon via Metrodeal.

Since I lived in Ortigas Center, I chose to have my hair done at Bangs SM Megamall, which is located in the far end of Building A on the 5th floor.

My hair is ultra fine and it was a holiday, so why not pamper myself to a haircut and a perm? This was my hair when I arrived:

The stylist first cut my hair. All of the stylists at Bangs are 100% Korean, which is a testament to their desire to maintain a consistent type of quality to their work.

Of course, no salon work without some upselling. So despite my Metrodeal, they managed to convince me to purchase an extra hair treatment, the Mucota Protector worth a discounted ₱2,250.00.

The Mucota treatment apparently is Japanese, uses organic treatment and protects the hair from dryness and the sun.

The stylist applied the treatment after a nice warm shampoo. There were at least two applications and a 10 minute episode with the fishbowl heating machine (forgive my ignorance for the right terms).

After around 30 minutes of waiting, they shampood the medicine off. The Korean stylist was all around and fixed one of the sinks for me to use.

Despite the presence of many beautiful assistants in cute shirts and black knee high socks to assist, Bangs still leave most of the application to the Korean hair stylist.

There are different sizes of curls, which are handed over to the stylist by these beautiful ladies. But the call of which size and the act of applying them still lie on the stylist’s expertise.

The final look — My hair is in curlers and in a heating device, left on for 15 minutes. I can feel the heat in my ears but they were pretty comfortable.

I look like Betty Boop,” I commented.

The people at Bangs were nice. They asked me if the curlers were too hot. “I’m comfortable,” I answered.

There’s around three Korean male stylists this holiday and at least 10 female assistants. They really made sure they had enough manpower support during the holiday.

I have never really been vain. I have my hair cut once a year, and I’ve never really had my hair colored. However, I have had my hair digital permed only at Tony & Jackey but usually in their Tomas Morato branch. I have usually been happy with their work.


Overall, my digital perm cost me ₱5,250.00, which is still reasonable given my long hair.

Time it took for the entire shebang? I came in at 1:45pm on a holiday and finished at 4:45pm so that’s 3 hours for the entire thing.

The stylist had 3 other clients while I was there but didn’t really make me feel ignored even though I was a Metrodeal customer (e.g., someone who wants to pay discounted prices).

Bring your phone as magazine selections were a bit lacking — what happened to Cosmopolitan or Preview?!

They were super nice though and had instant coffee and Fita cookies for my daughter.

The result

This was the result of the Metrodeal Digital Perm.

It was subtle but stylish and nice. The salon told me not to wash my hair for 2 days, which was fine by me.

For appointments, my stylist is Mr. Woony. Rest days are Thursdays and he’s available by appointment.

Disclaimer: I paid for my perm fair and square. I am not paid for endorsing this establishment. My comments are mine alone and given with total honesty, and I mean no offense to anyone else if I do not endorse the business because I was not satisfied.

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