12th HR SUMMIT: How do you Motivate your Staff to Do More?

Dra. Joyce Carols is an international speaker, author, TEDx Speaker and Founder & Owner of Enjoy EsC and Drive4Diversity.com and talked about Responsive Coaching

She started her talk with a lot of myths which include:

  1. People who are unhappy will speak up
  2. People who work long hours are more successful

The trend is clear:

89% of people report stress on a daily basis. Stress, burnout and dropout rates are on the rise, in the addition to social media addiction.

A lot of new technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality is gaining popularity.

All these issues are created due to INFORMATION OVERLOAD.

What can we do then?

How does Responsive Coaching help?

Good news! Not all stress is unhealthy. Some stress can help productivity.

People who procrastinate will know.

But if the stress continues to be there, then it becomes hazardous.

Check out this framework:

  • Technical: Are they skilled to do the job?
  • Most companies do not look into the Tactical, Physical, Mental and Cognitive aspect. How do they deal with failure?

Her suggestion:

J = Joy: Is this person in the right position? Is he/she truly motivated? If you want to increase performance, they must he motivated.

To get JOY, focus on what they are good at, what they are unique? Give them a loving and caring environment so they feel valued and safe.


Put rules and regulations in place that will make staff grow. So that they can be the best person they can be. Don’t be too tight so they can grow.


How to build SPARK?

Put them in positions they are good at. Clear, positive communication and a good reward system to make them more valued and more confident.

SOUL: Spark their curiosity so they want to outperform. Ignite that smile. Make them ready for change.


Autonomy and trust empowers them. If they know you trust them and make them accountable, then they will outperform by 12-15%.

Management has to be open to community. There has to be a culture where staff can be vulnerable and ask for help.

Arrange to have someone in the company that staff can approach. If you can tap them, the staff can show you their eagerness to learn.

When people feel valued and they will be healthy and their stress level goes down.


Companies who look at the big picture get BETTER RESULTS.

If you want to change the outcome, change the INPUT.

The 4-S Leadership system will help your staff to grow from good to great.

Teach them what you know so THEY will also know what to teach, learn and reach. If we increase the knowledge of the total workforce, the total business productivity also goes up.

A good coach CHALLENGES their people: Ask them how to be better? Inspire them to reach more beyond their capabilities.

If you can motivate your staff from their core, their performance will increase. If you give them the right opportunity to grow, they will.

Everyone wants to be seen and valued.

Coaching always have a negative peg. It’s always the problematic staff who requires coaching. But we need to make leadership positive.

Take a sports coach — The coach gives guidance, structure and a plan. And motivates the team to spark joy.

Download her book for FREE via this link below — https://www.enjoyesc.com/hr-4s — for the program.


There’s still time to buy tickets for the 12th Philippines HR Summit:

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