Responsive HR: Challenges and Opportunities

I’m here at the 12th Philippines HR Summit, and it’s a big crowd!

Mr. Bobby Atienza welcomes us to the event. He encourages us to see HR as “A dynamic force in any organization that makes things happen.” It’s not just about human resource management, but about PEOPLE management.

He says this event is about 1) Seeing the beauty on what we do, and that 2) No matter how big the challenges are, there’s hope and opportunity out there.

Mr. Rene Espinosa, the President of Powemax Consulting Group welcomed us.

He shared, “The only way we can grow if we can change. The only way we can change is if we learn. The only way we can learn is if we throw ourselves out to the open.”

“And this is what Powermax Group is all about,” he said. That is most likely why they’ve invited experts from local businesses and overseas to share their knowledge with us.

Keynote Panel: Responsive HR – Challenges and Opportunities

Panel speakers:

  • Ms. Michelle Cordero-Garcia, VP People Asia- Task Us
  • Dr. Rosalina Fuentes, President, SAIDI Foundation

With Facilitator:

Mr. Jesse Francis Rebustillo, 2016 President, People Management Association of the Phils (PMAP)

How to be responsive and harnessing their people’s best?

Ms. Michelle: Believes there’s no HR process in a few years’ time due to Disruptive Technologies. A lot of open positions that didn’t exist before.

More companies are looking for staff with specific skills. Positions that require cognitive skills — engineering, technology, science, math — will grow. But those that are routinary will shrink because of technology.

Patay! Hindi pa naman magaling ang Pinoy sa Math! Laging tinatakasan!

Michelle encouraged us to need to innovate, fail fast and learn from that. “Now, we should not manage change but to CREATE change,” she said.

But people cannot be outsourced.

Because businesses do not create value. It’s the people inside who do.

Her point is Human Resources can be integrated to other departments or outsourced to a third party:

Recruitment CAN be outsourced. Compensation will be highly driven by data: Finance can correlate compensation with performance.

Labor and governance will be more complicated due to the Data Privacy law as legal compliance will become more active.

Employee engagement that can be under operations.

So what’s left?


A responsive HR needs to be about partnering — be champions of the people. To take care of the people.

To challenge meaningless processes that take up time. And to be the heart and soul of the organization.

Dra. Rosalina Fuentes

She presents to us the challenges of HR — Today, everything is going on fast. There’s uncertainties. Stability is challenged.

Everything has been disrupted.

Before you know it, you already aren’t sure on what to do. Many things are out of the ordinary, out of our experience.

The digital platforms and automated process are slowly replacing people.

Recruitment of talented employees used to be easy. Universities used to churn out graduates. Now, many graduates are unprepared, even if they are from elite schools. Many don’t know how to fit staff? Many graduates still need retraining.

Retention of talented employees is also a challenge because they are always jumping ship, looking for better pay and Opportunities. The IT staff believe they should learn new things and chase after that, jumping to another company for better learning.

Employee engagement becomes high. The millennials have increased in numbers, and started to take up leadership roles. The wisdom of the company is going away with the baby boomers, and this happens without leaving the new leaders wisdom and experience gained through the years.

You also have to include those who are physically disadvantaged. Society is more inclusive nowadays leading to a more diverse group.

So what is disruption?

Disruption is simply putting a stop to the status quo. Throwing away the rule book.

Here are the opportunities.

Change brings about possibilities.

It’s not the technical skills that will ride us in this critical time. You have to change the MINDSET.

“You need a growth mindset to take on a challenge today. You have to rewire and reskill. What’s important is strategic thinking. Understand technology, not just accept them,” she opined.

We need to change.

Imagine. Ask. Open doorways. From there, start building.

Mr. Jesse Francis Rebustillo

His message: “Learn. Grow. Transform.”

The environment requires quick reaction to unpredictable and uncontrollable changes.

Huwag matigas ang ulo!

Change is there but nobody listens. We should be responding to this already, transforming, instead of waiting for something to happen.

Giving out forms, timekeeping, and computing for SSS are very transactional tasks. They should already be outdated as you can automate these tasks.

You must motivate yourself to challenge the process. Otherwise, you will get in trouble:

DO 174 has created 6 strikes down in the South area because they were not able to respond on time.

HRIS: Many companies don’t even use Analytics in their company. They do not even have a database!

Outsourcing: You can have an event where everything is outsourced!

Training: There’s a shift from training and development to talent and development. Talent development reaches the employee’s core. Do you even have a mentoring program?

You must have vision and be included to strategic planning.

The challenge is for us to be global AND LOCAL.

The intelligent HR understands.

Keynote Panel:

Some key takeaways from the panel:

HR will help line managers to develop their staff’s competencies.

HR should not just do transactional work. Productivity is an HR concern. Transformational activities is important.

But change is not just in the HR hands. Change must come with the SELF. HR is critical because it’s the soul of the organization, to rev up passion for work.

To influence the bosses of the company, HR must build credibility, humility, and authentic character. Not just to do it technically. HR is the one who needs to give malasakit to create higher performance and productivity. If you take care of people, you will see business success.

Instead of transactional solutions, HR can suggest TRANSFORMATIONAL solutions. Example: if you have a problematic employee, response should be transformational. Mindset should have heart. For example:

Manny Pangilinan’s speech was allegedly plaigerized. Manny Pangilinan did not fire the person but instead told the person to learn from their mistake.

Lucio Tan had someone who cannot be taught. They were asking him if they would fire him. But Lucio Tan wanted him to work under his wing first.

When you’re a decision maker, there’s always a risk. Be the decision maker by being part of the management committee so you can create change.

As HR, the core is PEOPLE.

Grow your EQ so you can withstand the changes.


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