Never Let a Snake Inside Your Company


There is a saying that a bad apple spoils the lot. And I find this as true when hiring someone to join the company.

When a bad apple joins the company, there’s dissent. The bad apple will pretend to be part of a team but actually had malicious intentions in mind. They would listen in and nod their head, but is actually finding ways para magaway away ang tao.

For example, if you mentioned, “Mike needs to be faster para maabot niya ang quota niya,” the snake would make sure to kwento the stiry to Mike as “Hoy, alam mo ba…. Pinaguusapan ka. Sabi ni X ang bagal mo raw kung kaya’t hindi mo naabot ang quota mo last month.”

Do you see the difference?

A kwento that’s probably neutral was maliciously twisted to make it sound as if X was against Mike and is out to get him, WHEN IN FACT, it is the snake who is creating gossips out of nothing so that magkakagulo ang mga tao sa loob ng company!


Well, maybe the snake is just bored. Or maybe the snake wants Mike and X to fight. Or maybe gusto lang niya siya ang bida and kinukwentuhan ng lahat. Kasi if everyone’s busy fighting with each other, the Snake gets away with a lot of things.

I mean, who needs work if there’s delicious drama sa trabaho, right?


First, recognize na talagang ahas yang tao yan. Don’t provide excuses for the snake. Don’t say na kailangan ihire si Snake just because competent siya.

Skills you can teach. But being a good team player is a must when growing any team. Pero pag ang tao, MAY MALICIOUS HEART, walang pagasa na yan.

Never accept a snake in your company. Don’t invite that person in, kasi magkakagulo lang kayo.

Two, make sure that good communication runs smoothly in the organization.

The Snake’s best weapon is when NOBODY in the company talks to each other. That’s the time they can create gossip and dissent, and since nobody talks to each other, everyone misunderstands and feelings get hurt. Panalo tuloy si Snake!

Lastly, if you actually have a snake in your company, try to get rid of them legally following due process.

Actually talk to the Snake and tell them it is NOT RIGHT for them to create problems in the office. Huwag nang humirit or magsabi ng indirectly. Direct mo na sabihin sa taong yan in front of everyone else involved. Para natapos na ang issue.

Document what was said and the explanation with a stern warning na huwag na niyang ulitin. Kasi malay mo hindi naman sinasadya ni Snake. Basta ang importante, documented lahat ng nasabi sa iba and nasabi niya.

Build up the case against the Snake until naka ilang ulit na, and only then pwedeng tanggalin.

Again, if you can, never let in a snake inside your house. Magkakagulo lang. The short or medium term benefit is never worth the headache of getting someone in who’s not at one with the team.

Just a thought. Happy weekend!

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