Let Leni Lead or Let God Lead?


As everyone is still reeling from the election results, may we remind everyone to please be careful to still remain rational and not write words you will later recant later on.

Dyames Uy Gascon is an example on how a popular Catholic priest should NOT act.

On his original post in October, he says he will pledge his priesthood for this election.

He divides the people he served by saying those who agree with him is good, while those who do not is evil, forgetting that Jesus Christ himself who actually worked alongside those who were evil, immoral and lost instead of the self-righteous Pharisees.

But it seemed Gascon is saying his politics now trumps God, Jesus Christ and his political constituents. So if hindi manalo ang bet niya, hindi na siya magseserve?

I scratch my head to such logic: If it is Leni who discourages you to serve if she does not win, then were you really called by GOD in the first place?

In February, he recants and softens, reminded by who his true boss is. He finally agrees that his words were condescending (It was), and to campaign positively for his choice of candidate, which is also his right as a Filipino citizen.

And now, after the results has come out, Gascon has forgotten his role and has turned wannabe insurgent, warning everyone, “Resurrection is to come,” as if his political candidate died and rose 3 days later. Priest please, let us not blasphemize and compare Leni to Jesus Christ who really rose from the dead.

If he would just look at the election results throughout the country, the results are NOT uniform. And anyone who had a calculator and basic mathematical skill could compute how different results are depending on the locality.

It only looks uniform because the results has already been aggregated. Since the vote count is in millions, you will get the mean sa variation between votes, which is around 47%. It’s only when you tally them altogether it looks more uniform. Anyone can do the same themselves – all you need is a little more effort than hypothesizing and dreaming:

Not evenly distributed


The scientific surveys were commissioned by many parties, INCLUDING Leni’s. It was admitted that the Leni camp knew that the election was a long shot, but Google Trends and the rally numbers buoyed hope. So everyone stayed true to the fight up until the last moment —- Because the 14 million Leni supporters were very active, passionate and loud. So there was true hope that maybe they would win despite scientific odds.

However, it was all in vain. Fact is, while there is some anomalies and maybe a sprinkle of cheating from both parties here and there, the lead is too wide to say that BBM cheated. Truth be told, BBM and Sara are the People’s Choice, and for the first time in Philippine history, really captured the majority vote that even Duterte did not enjoy in 2016.

So enough with the talk of “resurrection,” or talk of never accepting defeat in the guise of self-righteous faith. The people are tired of being talked over and educated, and such words only show that you have become the dictator you claim to hate.

Again, I voted for Ping and Sotto and damn proud of it. They deserve my vote.

But if there’s any talk of “I will never let BBM happen” or similar, then what exactly you’re telling all of us is the Filipino vote is bullshit, and only your vote matters. And because everyone else don’t know better, only your vote should count.


Look, we are in a democracy. Every 6 years, people choose the leaders to guide them. The winner is voted on by plurality. Those who get the most votes win.

In 2022, a president was voted in not only by plurality but also by majority. And for the first time as well, both President and VP are from the same camp and will support each other, ensuring a more unified government over the next 6 years.

We agreed to the rules of the game when the 1987 Constitution was passed. And these rules were followed for 36 years from Cory up until Duterte. As everyone loves the country, I hope that the Pinks will respect the Filipino citizens’s vote and support the next administration, JUST THE SAME if Leni and Kiko won, and everyone should also accept.

Let us NOT win power by dictatorship as what Gascon proposes —- That if you can’t win the election legally and properly, then what you will do is refuse to lose gracefully and STEAL the election instead by declaring that there’s cheating, that the people’s vote is null and only yours is correct.

Enough is enough.

The Philippines has spoken, and people chose somebody else than Leni. After all the efforts, house to house, and rallies, they heard what you said and still chose NOT to vote for her.

I think instead of asking yourselves “Why are people voting for Marcos?” The better more insightful question is, “Despite what we shared, why the hell are people NOT voting for Leni?”

Such reflection will help the opposition recalibrate on their strategies. After Otso Diretso lost last election, and now the Pink party this election, you really have to ask yourself, “Why do people keep on chosing somebody else?”

Because at the end of the day, while you may think that it was BBM and his Facebook/Tiktok/YT trolls that won him this election, it would be good to consider that he’s REALLY NOT SMART enough to garner enough votes just because he threw cash at it. And with all the esteemed brain power of the Pink camp, it should be Leni who was buoyed to victory and not dumb Marcos.

The reality is, the Filipinos are NOT AS DUMB as people think. Even with my masters degree and years of corporate experience, I am always humbled as to how much smarter the average Filipinos are.

While vote buying exists in ALL camps, most Filipinos are not cheap to sell their votes, or their dignity. Hindi cheap ang Pinoy. Let us never degrade them as such. I know a lot of BBM supporters and I kept on asking them if nabayaran na sila. They laugh back and say they’re still waiting for money to come in. Hindi sila bayad, and they still voted for BBM yesterday.

Fact is, they voted for the son of Daddy Marcos because they truly believed he is a better leader than Leni, period. And I can respect that.

I hope the Pinks and especially Catholic priest Dyames Uy Gascon can do too.

Because is it not right? At the end of the day, it should not be, “Let Leni Lead,” but rather LET GOD LEAD.

And I will allow God to lead our country from now and forever, and I know that we shall be okay no matter who wins as president. Kasi we are Filipinos and we are more resilient than others give us credit for.

So from today, we unite. Not for BBM, but for the Philippines. Let God lead. Please.

Please, let us stop all talk of stealing an election, ok? Kasi if you can’t get the popular vote and insist pa rin your candidate is the real winner, AND THEN use “resurrection” means to grab power, then sino ba talaga ang totoong magnanakaw? Kasi kung si Marcos sinasabi ninyong magnanakaw, pag inagaw ninyo ang position kasi hindi kayo manalo sa election, then sino talaga ang totoong magnanakaw?

Huwag ganyan.

Peace din tayo ha Sir Dyames. Pero given your position as a popular Catholic priest, I hope you can remember din why you are serving instead of projecting too much of your biases to the point na hindi mo na magawa ang trabaho mo ng maayos. Kasi such talk din is turning people off from the Catholic faith. Tapos na ang election. Move on na po tayo.

Let God lead. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

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4 thoughts on “Let Leni Lead or Let God Lead?

  1. Hi!

    My thoughts EXACTLY!

    Thank God I got this email.

    This is very well written. Thoughts and emotions are so genuine.

    I too voted for Ping and TitoSen. Sadly they were against David & Goliath.

    I am hoping for some positive changes.

    Let God Lead!

  2. So my preferred candidates didn’t win either, I’ll move on and do my part in the next election. This is democracy in action, ganon talaga. I would’ve cast my vote on Ping Lacson too but I knew that he didn’t have the numbers and I was more concerned about not wanting BBM to win compared to voting for my first choice. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    The problem with Pinoy-election culture is we find it hard to accept the results at face-value. Sa Pilipinas, there are no winners or losers because it’s either “nandaya kaya nanalo” or “nadaya kaya natalo”.

    I once said something along those lines in the office a long time ago and someone from the other partition overheard (probably not the full conversation as she obviously didn’t pick up on my sarcasm) and responded, “oo, totoo yan, dinaya ang daddy ko nung tumakbo siyang konsehal dati.” HAHAHA! Still one of the funniest office anecdotes I have to date.

  3. It’s a good read and it took me more than 5 minutes. A parish priest in his homily during lent was reminded of the LORD when BBM chose to remain silent in the midst of “words dili mo makaon” to describe hurtful words. Bishop Bacani clarified in kind words that Brother Mike does represent the endorsement of El Shaddai. Quickly many pointed out that all of those Brother Mike supported in the past… LOST. Tapos na ang election. We now face Post election mood disorder

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