HR Talk: How to Enroll Your Bank Details onto mySSS

You might have received the following email from SSS regarding the need to register your bank account to SSS online last December 2020:

The email read as follows:

Dear Sir/Madam:

In an effort to protect members against unauthorized access to their My.SSS accounts for fraudulent enrollment of bank details and unauthorized filing of benefit/loan applications, the SSS will institute an additional security measure to ensure that proceeds are disbursed to the rightful SSS payees.

Starting December 21, 2020, members will be required to submit proof of ownership of the bank/e-wallet account enrolled in the Disbursement Account Enrollment Module (DAEM) of the SSS Website.

May we, therefore, request you login to your My.SSS account in the SSS Website and submit/upload any of the following proof of account through DAEM bearing your complete name and account number or mobile number (for e-wallet) to facilitate the immediate verification/approval of your disbursement account:

  • – Passbook;
  • – ATM card
  • – Validated initial deposit slip;
  • – Bank certificate/statement (issued not earlier than 2019); or
  • – E-wallet (screenshot of mobile app account).

You shall be informed through email if your proof of account has been verified and approved by SSS. Only verified/approved accounts shall be used for disbursement of loan/benefit proceeds by the SSS.

Thank you for the continued support.

The Email is Legit: Take the Instructions Seriously

This is not a drill. SSS is now asking everyone to register their bank account details — be it your passbook, ATM card, or validated deposit slip — onto their mySSS online account. This ensures that SSS will no longer need to issue any checks going forward. Instead, all members will receive their loan and benefit payments straight to their account.

This also means that if members do not enroll their bank account details, they would not be able to receive the proceeds of their loans, pension loans, and Employer Sickness/Maternity Reimbursement.

Starting August 2020, all sickness and maternity benefits shall be paid through check-less disbursement. Those who have NOT enrolled their account details and mobile number onto the Disbursement Account Enrollment Module (DAEM) using their my.SSS account may easily find their maternity benefit application denied.


Update: This is the new table published by SSS last February 1, 2021:

How to Enroll for SSS DAEM?

To enroll your disbursement accounts through the SSS Bank Enrollment Module (BEM) found under the E-services tab of their respective My.SSS accounts at

1. Login to your mySSS at

2. Hover your mouse to the E-Services Menu and click Disbursement Account Enrollment Module.

3. Carefully read the DAEM and input your bank account details. Select your PESONet participating Bank/E-Wallet/Remittance Transfer Companies (RTCs)/Cash Payout Outlets (CPOs) and carefully encode your account number or mobile number

Qualified payees and member-borrowers must select their preferred PESONet participating bank, e-wallet, or RTC/CPO and supply a valid and active bank account number, or mobile number for an e-wallet or RTC/CPO.

Bank account numbers must be entered as a continuous string of numbers. Mobile numbers must be in its 11-digit format that starts with 09. Qualified payees and member-borrowers are reminded to ensure the correctness of their disbursement account information in the BEM before enrolling them.

4. Tick the box below and Enroll Disbursement Account to proceed.

Make sure that you triple-check the information you submit and that you have filled-out all fields required with the correct information. If the information you input is wrong, it will cause you weeks of delay to receive money from the SSS.

5. If your DAEM enrollment is successful, you will receive a confirmation email from SSS one to three weeks later. My enrollment per se took 23 calendar days, so this is not something you can really rush.

Some Important Warnings:

  • Bank account details and mobile numbers should be validactive and not be among the following:
    • A closed account
    • A dormant account
    • The account name differs from member name
    • A dollar account
    • A frozen account
    • An incorrect bank account
    • An invalid mobile number
    • A joint/or/and-or account
    • A non-existent account
    • A prepaid account
    • A time deposit account
    • An account with restrictions
  • Duplicate accounts or numbers will be rejected.
  • Bank accounts should be from among the PESONet-accredited banks. You should enter your bank account number and NOT your ATM card number. Again, the number on your ATM card may not be the same as your bank account number. Please ensure you’re inputting the correct number to prevent delay.
  • For bank-issued cash cards, double check with your bank that they allow the use of their cash cards for SSS disbursements.
  • If your company issued a payroll ATM for your use, it is highly possible that it will not accept any inward money remittance except if it is from your company’s payroll. Double check to ensure it can receive outside payments before enrolling it to SSS DAEM.
  • Bank account numbers should be written as a continuous string of numbers (Example: 1234567890). No dashes or spaces please.

For E-Wallet/Remittance Transfer Companies (RTCs)/Cash Payout Outlets (CPOs)

  • Please ensure that your mobile number/SIM card can receive text messages as the Reference Number for claiming your benefit proceeds will be sent to said number/
  • Mobile numbers for E-Wallet/RTC/CPO should be written in the format 09171234567. Do not use +63, dash (-), spaces, or other special characters (# or / and the like).
  • If you shall opt to receive benefit proceeds through RTC or CPO, you shall be charged with transactions fees by the RTC/CPO based on its prevailing rates.
  • In case of wrong cellphone number encoded or lost cellphone, processing of requests for crediting of benefit proceeds to new/correct number will take thirty (30) working days.

I hope that all of you would find this post useful, and quickly enroll your bank account details onto your mySSS. If you have any trouble registering to mySSS, please proceed to your nearest branch to take care of this.

Remember, if you delay, you would not be able to receive your loan, pension loan and many other benefit claims, and it takes a few weeks to verify your account. So please, prioritize this as this only takes a few minutes to do.

Have a great week ahead!


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  1. How long does it take SSS to approve disbursement account enrolled? As of now, I cannot proceed salary loan since disbursement account is still for approval

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