HR Series: How Digitizing can Help Us Work Better

Mr. Jose Christopher Cadua is the VP and Head of Human Resources talked about this topic:

Back in the days, these were the only technology that we knew:

But now, we have entered the age of digitization.


Example: Grab and Uber are encroaching on taxis

Malls have Lazada to compete with

Digitization can help HR in many ways:

In Cignal, there’s now 500 staff. They started in automating attendance, leave monitoring system and putting the data in the cloud.

Benefits of going Digital

But how about investment cost, job security, data security and privacy, and personalization?

Your time keeper should learn how to use the new system to remain relevance. Humans are still needed, but need to upskill.

We should not be afraid.

Remember, we have to continually innovate. We must be okay with change.

Focusing on the most important thing is to targeting our core competencies — which is how to be a good HR.

Efficiency means doing the work at less time with minimal errors.

Engagement is the employee’s sum total motivation, involvement and commitment. That’s company culture.

Culture dictates how fast the company is transformed to the digital world. Hindi na uso ang manual.

Upper management should embrace on digitizing the business. Otherwise, such changes is useless.

To digitize, the company must be USER CENTERED.

User design experience is important in integrating every aspect of the product. Since our customers are employees, our end goal is that our customers will be satisfied.

So we have to go back to basics.

Learn how to innovate.

Learn how to be efficient and do the work.

And engaging our people.

Do not be a Nokia who missed their chance to make big money and will not survive.

It’s not wrong to stop learning. But if we don’t change, we may not survive.

To change and improve yourself is to give yourself a second chance. Otherwise, you will one day be redundant and will learn this lesson in a hard and expensive way.


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