Circle of Life and a Bunch of Coincidences

My guy best friend had his second child, a daughter this week.

On the same week, we confirmed that my child passed away in my belly.

And we removed her once we were 1000% sure.

My girl best friend’s mother-in-law also passed away this week and will be buried at Heritage Park.

On the exact same day of the burial, my husband’s grandmother will be celebrating her 100th birthday and it will be a large event.

Despite just having my D&C, I will attend this celebration and sing a solo for her. It is not everyday someone celebrated their 100th birthday.

On the exact same day as well, one of my better friends will be married to the man of her dreams. My daughter will be the flower girl.

Coincidentally, her reception is the exact same restaurant as my husband’s grandmother’s birthday party so we can technically attend both celebrations together.

This week as well, our good friend is in the doghouse for being caught flirting with an ex on Messenger.

Sigh, men!

I checked out early today to make it to the 2:00pm wedding and the evening birthday party.

This is where I slept last night.

The Lord has a lovely sense of humor.

He reminds me of life’s great promise and its end; on how fragile life can be and how we should celebrate it when it’s lived well. He teaches us of new beginnings (in love and marriage), and its desolution when we are not careful.

This is the Circle of Life, and God’s reminder that He’s in control.

Congrats on the birth!

Our sincerest condolences.

I am sorry for your loss.

Congrats on the nuptials!

And happy 100th birthday Tai Ma!

What a wonderful life we live in. ❤️❤️❤️ And boy, can you imagine how tired I will be at the end of the day?

Have a good week everyone!

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