Getting my Second D&C

I was admitted in FEU Hospital for my second D&C or raspa due to another missed abortion.

I chose FEU Nicanor Reyes Medical Foundation instead of St. Luke’s QC because it was my OB’s main hospital. Also, I had my last D&C at St. Luke’s and so was curious how different would my D&C experience be in another hospital.

The hospital was clean and quiet at around midnight. Honestly, I like the place.

Their emergency room was orderly and new. There weren’t a lot of people for a Monday night. And while there were enough patients, I still got amazing care.

Obviously, prices are relatively cheaper than St. Luke’s. You can avail of a share-a-room option for only Php1,000 a night.

I took the Large Private room at Php 2,700 a night. Quite comfy!

The other side of the room:

The toilet:

There’s a water heater so yehey! Warning though, water pressure isn’t high, but it’s enough for you to bathe.

Something to remember if you choose FEU:

  • Beds are manually cranked or de ikot, so it’s better if you have a companion with you to make yourself comfortable.

  • Bring more pillows and a blanket: Only one thin pillow and one thin blanket allotted so best to bring extras!
  • Bring toiletries and towels. They have none except for a bar of Safeguard and a roll of tissue paper.
  • Also, no free Wi-Fi in the rooms, so best to have prepaid Internet on your phone.
  • Wear your comfiest pajamas: they will not change you to a hospital gown until the surgery. Bring extra PJs.
  • Bring your own water. There’s vending machines outside.
  • Parking is free but for one entrance and exit only.
  • Food is decent. Complete meal!

  • There are a few fastfoods available — Persian Avenue, Henlin, Starbucks, Jollibee, Mcdonalds, but most are not 24 hours.


Back to the D&C

Our baby passed away around the 7 week mark. I only found out by the 8th week that there was no heartbeat.

This is my third miscarriage. The first one in 2015, my daughter was born later in 2015, then followed by a second miscarriage last year 2018, and now once again in 2019.

The OB tells me that these things do happen, and most likely, our baby was not viable for life. This means the baby would most likely had been born with abnormalities and hence, the body merely did what was right and mercifully terminated the pregnancy before it progressed.

Given that this is my third miscarriage, losing a child is a blow. However, we do have our normal and healthy daughter in between so God is still good.

This is my second D&C though. My 2015 miscarriage happened naturally, without any help from the doctor.

The last missed abortion I had in 2018 was extremely traumatic, with me bleeding profusely for 5 hours straight. I wrote about this experience here. Please be warned: there are very troubling images on that post.

This time so far, it was more calm and peaceful. Apparently though, if it’s baby related, you still had to be admitted via the ER, but everyone there is nice and professional.

Honestly speaking, the emergency room of FEU was bright, clean, and impressive.

The doctors were kind and helpful. It was nice to experience a hospital that’s not St. Luke’s and still get good care.

They inserted two tablets vaginally at 12:30am that would open up the cervix and induce an abortion.

They then had me wear an adult diaper for the bleeding.

And then checked me in the room to rest.

At 9am, I was wheeled to the operating room for my D&C. The procedure only took half an hour at most. The anesthesiologist gave me a sedative and spinal anesthesia so when I woke up, it was over.

They monitored me at the holding room from 9:30am to 1:00pm until some od the anesthesia wore off and some feelings had returned to my legs. When I could somewhat raise both feet up, they wheeled me back to my room at 1:30pm.

Coincidentally, one of the nurses aide there looked like Piolo Pascual. But I digress.

I was in complete bedrest till 8:00pm. They wanted me to be flat on my back till this time to prevent spinal headache. Consequently, husband had to feed me chicken sinigang while I was lying in bed.

I was not allowed to sit up or stand till 8pm. As for peeing and pooping, the nurse said, “If you must, you can pee straight to your diaper.”


So I controlled my water intake until the evening where I finally was allowed to go to the toilet.


D&C After Care

After the D&C, the doctor recommends that I:

  1. Don’t overstress. If I feel dizzy, to lie down. Rest for 3 days at least.
  2. No sex until I see her next week.To allow the body to heal first. Usually it’s ok 2 weeks after operation.
  3. Wash affected area with Betadine wash 2x a day. Drink painkiller twice a day if needed for 6 days.
  4. See her next week for checkup.
  5. My meds:


You really get what you pay for.

The nurses checked my vital signs regularly throughout the day. They were somewhat less intrusive than St. Luke’s that many doctors and specialists will drop by and charge you an arm and a leg for a 2-minute consultation.

Metaphorically, St. Luke’s is like Philippine Airlines while FEU Hospital is a way better version of Cebu Pacific. There’s less frills like the welcome pack, towels and free wifi — but you still get decent medical care in FEU Hospital. You will still get what you come for done at less 25% of what you pay for in St. Luke’s.

The halls are less busy. The hospital less crowded. You have to bring many of your own things, and the nurses don’t bother you as much.

Husband couldn’t be bothered to wait for the elevator for long (the elevator stops almost on every floor and prioritizes the beds), and had to walk up and down the stairs multiple times a day, but it’s good exercise for the body.

But overall, FEU Nicanor Reyes Medical Foundation is a great hospital. The nurses are helpful and kind. The facilities are relatively clean and new. My stay was pleasant.

I can’t really say if St. Luke’s is world class relative to, but if you try a private hospital, medical care is already of above standard, and you won’t be too disappointed especially if you come well prepared, bringing your own toiletries, towel, pillow and blankies.

To be perfectly honest, medical care is only marginally better at St. Luke’s. It’s really up to you if you feel if it’s worth the 25% premium price.

I think if I really wanted cheaper, I can cut corners by sharing a room with another patient (saves me php 1,700 a night). Or go for a public hospital.

However, I trust my OB and her judgment. I find her to be reasonable, professional and in control while being gentle and detail oriented. So I follow where she is.

Tomorrow, I have a wedding and a birthday to attend. She warns me to rest so I hope I have the energy. I am never the type to stress too much about my health so hopefully, I have made a good call.

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  1. How much po raspa feu, how much the buget po, bali nakita ko lang kasi ung price ng room. Nerecomend kasi ako sa makati med kasu sabi sakin70-80k daw

  2. Hello! Hope you can also share your total bill. My mom will undergo the same procedure tomorrow, I just want to prepare for the worst in terms of hospital bills

    1. Incomplete abortion 14 5/7 weeks
      28,000 PF for raspa, 14,000 for anesthesia, room 1416z
      Plus – room was 27,999.73 without PF
      Total: php 69,999.73

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