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HR Opinions: Minimum Wage is NOT the Problem. Freeloaders are.

How Minimum Wage Works I wrote this last Labor Day, and as usual, employees are clamoring to increase the Minimum Wage. As of today, minimum wage in the Philippines stands between Php 380 to Php 537 depending on locality. For … Continue reading

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Mommy Hacks: 8 Reasons Why Home Schooling and Online Learning is Not for Us

Trumpets Playshop texted me today about the possibility of enrolling into an online workshop. The workshop fee would be lowered and there will be no additional fees for recital, costumes and script. The price will be around 2/3 of the … Continue reading

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COVID-19 Update: Seniors, Please Stay at Home!

Senior citizens are protesting the government’s movement to stay at home. They said they want to go out, shop, buy medicines. They say it is unconstitutional to stay home, saying it feels like house arrest. The well-respected businessman and blogger, … Continue reading

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Love Hacks: The Choice is Simple — Forgive or to Leave

A lot of women complain about their significant others. Specifically, in the aspect of infidelity. “My husband cheated,” they would ask. “But he said he’s sorry. Do cheaters change?” Obviously, every single woman would shout, “NO, Are you freaking nuts?! Don’t … Continue reading

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10 Things That Kept Me Busy During the ECQ

Over the last month, our family has spent a lot of quality time with each other as we generally followed through the government mandated Expanded Community Quarantine (ECQ). 1. I worked… The first two weeks, I closed the 2019 ledgers … Continue reading

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26-Day ECQ Menu for the Family

The ECQ has created cooks in us all. In our family, I scoured through the Internet for easy-to-do recipes to feed the family. Sayang naman if I kept it to myself. So here are some of the dishes we cooked during ECQ. … Continue reading

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Highly Recommended: Kidzania —- Where Kid’s Ambitious Dreams Come True!

We are back in Kidzania Manila, a fun place for kids 4 years old and above, who are given the chance to try out different “adult” careers and get paid for it. Kidzania Manila is found in a non-descript building … Continue reading

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Not Recommended Anymore: Chef Jessie’s Christmas Eve Menu 2019

Yesterday, we had our Christmas Eve meal at Chef Jessie’s in Rockwell. Chef Jessie’s is an institution. It was one of the first restaurants that introduced a fine dining set menu concept in the Philippines. On special occasions, Chef Jessie’s … Continue reading

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Third Day at the Mozart: Chesky Crumlov

We slept on the way there but these were the scenes we saw in Chesky Crumlov, a UNESCO world heritage site since 1992. Let’s first start with a map of the area, showcasing the river that encircles the town. The … Continue reading

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How Poor are Filipino Students in Studying?

There is a running joke that’s going around recently that the Philippines is deserving of the award of being lowest in terms of reading comprehension: “HM po” means “How much po?” which means that the typical Filipino do not even bother … Continue reading

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Second Day: Krems Monastery and Wine Tasting Tour

Krems is a twin city: Stein, the place where the toll was collected and Krems, the market town. It was a trading hub. Currently, it has 26,000 permanent inhabitants. It boasts of 3 private universities and an additional 10,000-12,000 students … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Crystal Mozart! It’s good to be “home”

We have arrived at Crystal Mozart at 6pm after checking out from Prague, and visiting Kuta Hora. It is an utter pleasure to be at Crystal Mozart again. The staff greeted us warmly and many recognized us from last year. … Continue reading

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