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HR Talk: What to Do When A Worker is Positive? Where to Get Swab Tested?

If you have a suspected positive case, you need a confirmatory RT-PCR to see if he’s positive or not. Reiterating, here’s the DOLE and DTI Health Guidelines for the prevention of COVID-19: The rapid test and swab test should be … Continue reading

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10 Questions Answered on the Rising Number of COVID-19 Cases and How We Are Approaching It

I’m sorry for not posting as much as I should. To give you an update, a lot of friends and relatives are testing positive for COVID-19  this week, and has been confirmed with RT-PCR. So I have been very busy … Continue reading

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Don’t Be a Want-Trepreneur

DON’T BE A WANT-TRAPRENEUR A wantrepreneur is defined as someone who aspires to be an entrepreneur, but never realizes his ambition. My friend was a Want-trepreneur. He felt being an entrepreneur was his true calling and constantly thought of one … Continue reading

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Current Events: “Sorry, Pare!” and the Dasma Makati Story

How Javier Salvador Parre, the Spanish National who lived in the exclusive Makati Dasmarinas Village could have solved his legal problems after his maid Cherelyn was caught not wearing a mask by the Makati police —- “Sorry, pare.” Continue reading

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COVID-19 Update: To See if We are Doing Well, Look at Population Density

ALWAYS LOOK IN TERMS OF POPULATION People have been hawking how bad the Philippines is to be #1 of confirmed cases in Southeast Asia. We have the most confirmed cases so we must be #1: But I think this is … Continue reading

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Love Hacks: Who is the King Stefan in our Lives?

We are watching Maleficent and King Stefan’s betrayal really struck me. King Stefan was Maleficent’s childhood friend and later betrayed her by sawing off her wings as proof of her death so he can be the king’s successor. I realize … Continue reading

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The Best Things in Life that’s ₱1,000 or Less

1. A good deep tissue massage (₱500.00 per pax for home service) 2. A nice fluffy pillow. The best sulit pillows are those by SM Department Store. Brand is Majestic beddings, Select Comfort, Easy Care. 4. Netflix (₱460.00 per month) … Continue reading

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10 Quick Takeaways from the Lockdown

1. Make sure you have savings to tide you even with a 6 month lockdown. Stop buying luxurious things if you don’t have any savings —- Do you really need a pair of Valentino shoes? 2. Work for a company … Continue reading

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Death at the Time of Corona(virus)

As of today, March 18, there are 202 confirmed cases of Coronavirus, with 17 dead. That’s a whopping 8.4% of those confirmed who died, double the global death rate of 3.5%. Source: http://www.covidph.com 17 is not yet that bad. While … Continue reading

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Why Buying a Car is not a Good Idea

My father tells me a story of a man who won a helmet in a raffle. As people were congratulating him, the man became sad. When asked why he was sad, the man said, “Now that I have a helmet, … Continue reading

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Staff Housing Agreement Form (with Downloadable Word Doc)

We have drafted a Staff Housing Agreement and asked our lawyers to look through it after providing a staff house. I have decided to share this so that everyone can benefit if they are also providing a staff house. It’s … Continue reading

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Life Tip: Get Pregnant Only When You are Sure about Your Relationship

I have a friend who is somewhat insecure about her relationship with her partner. The culprit? She got pregnant after a mere 3- to 4-months of dating her partner, forcing them both into an “insta-partnership” even though they still don’t … Continue reading

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