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Respect in a Time of COVID-19

Respect is very important in the time of COVID-19. During the time of COVID-19, I am reminded of the word RESPECT. There’s three ways we should respect — Respect for SELF, Respect for your WORK, and Respect for OTHERS. You gotta … Continue reading

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Mommy Hacks: 8 Reasons Why Home Schooling and Online Learning is Not for Us

Trumpets Playshop texted me today about the possibility of enrolling into an online workshop. The workshop fee would be lowered and there will be no additional fees for recital, costumes and script. The price will be around 2/3 of the … Continue reading

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Death at the Time of Corona(virus)

As of today, March 18, there are 202 confirmed cases of Coronavirus, with 17 dead. That’s a whopping 8.4% of those confirmed who died, double the global death rate of 3.5%. Source: http://www.covidph.com 17 is not yet that bad. While … Continue reading

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Circle of Life and a Bunch of Coincidences

My guy best friend had his second child, a daughter this week. On the same week, we confirmed that my child passed away in my belly. And we removed her once we were 1000% sure. My girl best friend’s mother-in-law … Continue reading

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