HR Series: How to Avoid Training Mistakes

This topic is taught by Mr. Bob Hooey, author, speaker and creative catalyst for Ideas at Work!

Bob believes that employees are the company’s most important assets.

Training does not always eliminate conflict. But talking about it, bringing everyone to try to solve the problem, then everybody wins.

A program will NOT solve the issue. A motivational speaker can’t help.

Solving Problems is a PROCESS

Here’s the problem.

Here’s the solution.

And here is how we get from the problem to the solution.

Our job is to care about our staff, to guide them towards the direction they want to go.

How many companies have a challenge in keeping staff loyal?

If you create an environment where they are valued where they are, they will tell their friends.

People stay when they feel valued.

Even one person can make a difference so long as you want to make it happens. Then, it filters throughout the company.

Training doesn’t always takes money. It’s an investment. Because it’s something that will save you money in the long run.

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