Why it’s ok to see our daughter crying after coming home from kindergarten

Our 3-year old daughter came home crying from Mother Goose Playskool.

Apparently, her teacher brought down her star from the board.

Her offense?

My daughter has not been very behaved and had not finished her seatwork because of her walking around the class.

So she’s been telling everyone from her lola to her yaya how disappointed she is that her star was taken down.

She’s talked to her teacher about it. Her teacher told her that if she finishes her seatwork on time the next day, her star would be back up the board.

So the next day, she finished her seatwork and got her star back on the board.

Daughter was very proud to see that star. She had her star back on the board and a star on her notebook for us to see.

I think this is a critical reason why we love Mother Goose for our child. In fact, I blogged about the multiple reasons why Mother Goose is an amazing kindergarten for toddlers.

Personally, I believe schools should be our partners in child rearing.

It’s not just about teaching them socialization skills, the school should also teach them about self control, following and respecting rules and authority, and the importance of merit-based performance.

You don’t get a star just because you’re cute and asked for one.

You get a star only if you deserve it.

And worked hard for it.

It is because of Mother Goose that our daughter looks forward to homework everyday.

Even though she’s only 3, she understands she must do the hard things first before she can play, and she will get a star if she learns.

This is us doing her homework one evening:

It is a bit painful for me as a mother to tutor her a few nights a week. However, I am grateful that her school helps us develop my daughter’s self discipline, character and work ethic.

Sure, no mother wants to see her child cry.

But better to cry today, than to regret tomorrow.

Thanks to Mother Goose, I know my child is in good hands. They don’t treat her like a snowflake, and make my job easier as a parent.

So if please make sure you choose a good school for your child. A good school is an institution that shares the same values as yours. Personally, we love how our daughter is being taught. Sure, she cries now and then, but she ends up being a better person for it.

And for that, we are eternally grateful. I’ll end this post with this signage:

Have a great week everyone!

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10 thoughts on “Why it’s ok to see our daughter crying after coming home from kindergarten

  1. Good job dearest little one for being obedient to your teacher in school. I like that ruling in your dauhters school.

  2. Thanks for sharing this Mommy! This is one of the things that I also consider when I enroll my child to school. I wanted to have a partner in teaching values to my child. I don’t want her to have this sense of entitlement. If she wants something, she have to work hard for that.

    1. Where do you live, Mommy?

      Actually, there’s a lot of awesome kindergarten in Metro Manila. I am happy with the school selections here. They have a good balance of academics, play and discipline.

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