How a Lazada Driver Taught Me a Lesson on Customer Service

A few days ago, I reported to Lazada that my purchase did not arrive. After the 6.6 sale, I made a couple of purchases and this was the only one that did not arrive.

I checked the proof of delivery and it contained my signature, which was not what I signed. So I reported the courier.

Two days later, I saw a box on our lobby. It did not have any Lazada stickers on it, and when I opened them, my set of four food warmers was inside.

Found it!

I emailed Lazada to inform them I found the items.

Two days later, I received a call from an unrecognized number. It was the driver.

Good afternoon po ma’m. I am the driver who delivered the items you reported po as lost,” he said in a friendly manner. “I would like to apologize for the abala but were you able to find the items?”

Aba, yes! I found them!” I told him. “I already told Lazada they were found. Sorry po talaga, when I reported them, I really thought they were not delivered. They did not have any Lazada waybill or stickers on the top, so I thought they were orders from overseas and not from Lazada.”

Ma’m, I’m sorry to ask you this, but I am actually downstairs in the lobby,” he said. “Would it be possible for you to give me something lang po I can give to my office to prove that you received the items na po? I got into a bit of trouble with the office and a letter from you would be very helpful in clearing this issue.”

I was pretty surprised with his demeanor. I knew that he was most likely sanctioned by his office for not delivering an item he reported as delivered.

And yet, he did not scream or shout.

He did not accuse or complain.

Instead, he nicely asked for a favor, and asked for it respectfully and nicely despite the possible stress he’s had over the last few days.

Given his demeanor and his approach, of course I was more than happy to give him what he needed —- I made a really nice polite letter explaining the misunderstanding and then apologizing for the hassle the driver went through. I added my ID and gave the driver a brand new backpack I had as an additional sorry.

I personally handed him the letter and expressed my sincerest apologies.

Sorry po talaga,” I said. “We really looked for the item and when I reported it, I really thought it was lost. Buti na lang, nakita namin. Nahalo siya sa mga orders ng asawa ko.”

“Okay lang po,” he replied. “And sorry po sa abala. Yun nga din po, kulang din po sa sticker. Pero salamat po sa sulat and sa abala. Your letter will help clear things out sa office.”

This is a very good lesson on customer service.

When bad things happen, you do not scream, shout or sulk at a customer. If you do that, you won’t really get what you want.

Instead, the customer will even get more prideful, uncooperative and antagonistic and everything will escalate into a full blown fight.

The better way is to de-escalate and show to the customer what you want and simply ask them nicely to give it to you.

If you truly ask nicely, so long as the request is reasonable and framed in a way that’s convenient to the customer, many would give you what you want. Because hey why not?

The Lazada driver was the epitome of good customer service. He taught me a very good lesson that day —- It does not matter what job you have or how much you earn. Good grace and social manners will get you far.

Thank you for teaching us a wonderful lesson. And more power to you, Reneboy!

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