Not Recommended: The Mind Museum

Okay, I’m going to be honest here — Mind Museum is boring.

Our small family went to Mind Museum last Sunday. I purchased tickets for ₱475 instead of ₱750 via Metrodeal so I thought that was a good deal.

Our daughter is only 3, and to be fair to the Mind Museum, there’s enough exhibits there to tour within one hour.

Upon entering, there’s the Universe exhibit on the left and the Earth exhibit to the right. The Life exhibit is on the far right, with a tall giraffe welcoming you.

This is what welcomes you in the Space exhibit:

The Earth exhibit on the other hand features a dinosaur fossil and an earthquake exhibit.

The Life exhibit had a few highlights too including a huge whale and shark.

Next to it was the Atom exhibit, which had a few interesting offerings:

The upper floor offer a myriad of exhibits, which highlighted Technology as it relates to daily life.

Truth be told, we found the Mind Museum to be boring.

I know it’s for the good of science and all that, and I get that we hope that our children will absorb these things naturally, but there’s not a lot of things that would excite a normal Mommy like me.

You have to really love science to teach kids how to love science as well. Hyperactive tour guides may be added to give the exhibits color and excitement. Instead of allowing us to drift from place to place, it’s better to do it in an organized manner to maximize learning.

Don’t be deceived — if you have money to spare, go. If you have nothing to do, go as well.

But just as it is, and with many exhibits not working, it’s really not worth a trip for us.

Call us ignorant and stupid about science, but the truth is, husband is one of the biggest dorks I know and there are many other science museums around the world that’s far more interesting.

I can’t recommend something that’s not that interesting for me, and I can’t see a lot of negative reviews about this place in the fear of looking ignorant. I have nothing against the Mind Museum or its owners and paid for our tickets fair and square.

But I’m calling the spade a spade. For us, our trip to the Mind Museum was ho hum.

Skip the trip, and just spend your hard earned ₱475.00 somewhere else instead.

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