Family Talk: Top Baby Items You Should Purchase (And NOT Buy)

Shopee and Lazada have been a godsend to many new mothers.

Compared to the last time I gave birth where I was forced to buy more expensive baby items from prestigious online sellers and the mall, going completely online is giving mothers cheaper yet as convenient buying options. What’s more, several credit cards have provided extra perks such as cash rebates equivalent to 5% to 10%. Hence, you not only get your stuff delivered conveniently at home, but you can also rack up cheaper prices and points when you purchase from Shopee or Lazada.

Here were my top purchases for Baby #2:


ED.Shop: ED COTTON Long-Sleeve Bodysuit Onesie Romper Sold by Each at Php 65.00 per piece

Classic and good designs made out of nice cotton materials, the ED Cotton Shop provided me with great long-sleeve onesies that are perfect as sleepwear in the evenings. At Php 65.00 a piece, it’s a steal, and I personally bought 10 pcs for newborn (Yes, there’s a size difference), and another 10 pcs for 3-6 months.

BUY 10 TAKE 1 FREE Baby Bodysuit Onesie Romper Cotton Quality Bodysuits Rompers Jumpsuit BM (Php 579.00 per 11 pcs)

I just loved this deal — at Php 579.00 per 10+1 set, that’s only Php 52.00 a piece. I loved the designs that they gave me and I could not help buy 2 sets — one for newborn and the other for 3-6 months old. Yes, I hoard but the designs that arrived were so lovely. Highly recommended supplier!

Short-Sleeved Onesies by Cici Baby Boy (Php 49.00 per piece, random design)

For my short sleeve onesies, I got them from two different suppliers — Zytcathy and

For Cici Baby Boy, price was at Php 49.00 a piece. The designs were pretty decent, and it’s always good to get from two different suppliers than to put all your eggs in one basket.

CiCi Baby kids Cute Pajama Cotton Pants Newborn Baby Boy Outfit Babies Clothes Leggings Bottom (Php 35.00 a piece)

Great looking cotton pants for newborn babies up until 24 months old, at only Php 35.00 a piece per random design, it’s still a steal so got 10 pcs from this supplier and really enjoyed their designs.

Baby Pajama Pants or Leggings from ZW (Php 25.00 to Php 35.00 a piece)

Pajama bottoms are a must for every baby especially if they are going to stay in an airconditioned room. Whereas suppliers of onesies were a dime a dozen, baby pajama pants made out of good quality cotton are a wee bit harder to find. However, after much scouring the Internet, I was able to find these pants from ZW.PH.

The only downsides are that the designs are randomly given. The upside is that even if you have a bad design or two, the price still justifies the buy. Personally, we bought around 10-12 pcs of newborn pants, and 10-12 pcs of 3-6 month pants, and we were NOT disappointed with this buy. Super sulit once again!

ED 1 pc Newborn Bibs Saliva Towel (Php 12 per piece) — I bought 20 pcs and did NOT regret it

This was another terrific supplier as the bibs I got were of excellent quality and only cost Php 12.00 per piece. All the designs I got were super nice, which was a surprise because I had low expectations due to the price. However, I was happy to have ordered 20 pcs from this supplier, and the cloth themselves were thick and can be used up until the child is 18 months old.

Let us support this small business who sold me these wonderful bibs — ED 1pc Newborn Bibs Saliva Towel Burp Cloth Feeding Band Baby Bib for Girl and Boy | Shopee Philippines — very cheap, very good quality and had a lot of nice designs. While the designs were randomly given, note you only paid Php 12 for it. But they were all super nice and I’m glad I found this supplier.

St. Patrick’s Mittens (Php 190-200 for a Set of 3), Booties (Php 390 for a set of 3) and Beanies (Php 215 for Set of 3)

I know it’s very tempting to buy baby mittens that are cheaper. I initially bought ours for Php 9-11 a piece and was so delighted in finding such a steal. However, I quickly realized that they don’t really stay on the baby’s hands and they kept on slipping out!

Fortunately, St. Luke’s gave us a free pair of St. Patrick’s mittens and we are a winner. We will only buy St. Patrick’s Mittens and Booties ONLY and we bought 3 sets of three, or a total of 9 pieces for baby to use. We bought ours in cream and blue colors and we have been using it everyday. Great buy indeed!

Instead of socks, you can buy these booties for your newborn. However, unlike the mittens, I also bought cheap socks instead and they fit well. but these booties were so cute, how could you not buy them? Again, always St. Patrick’s for mittens and booties.

The beanies are ultra nice and soft too. I would buy 1-2 packs only.

Baby Socks (Php 159.00 for 5 pcs, and got 3 sets)

I got my socks from this supplier 5 Pairs Baby Boy Girl Cotton Cartoon Newborn Infant Toddler Kids Soft Floor Socks | Shopee Philippines and so far, quality is great. They are really for newborn use, and kept my baby’s feet cozy throughout the night.


BabyPlus Pre-Natal System (USD 189.00 or Php 9,450)

We had to include this as our number 1 purchase, though it can be very impractical for some. Our two babies had been baby-plused since I found out I was pregnant, and they turned out to be very well behaved babies when they came out. They slept straight into the evening and were less bothered with loud noises, allowing them to have better rest.

Babyplus is kinda expensive, but instead of buying, maybe you can borrow it from somebody else. Use it everyday from the time you know you’re pregnant till the day you give birth. If you cannot buy from Amazon, I know Rustan’s sell them for a slightly higher markup. We feel it’s worth it.

Newborn Sleep Sack Swaddle Receiving Blanket Swaddling Wrap (Php 120.00 per piece)

My first kid was swaddled every day up until she was 6 months old. My second newborn boy did not like to be swaddled and kept crutched comfortably before his first week ended. So warning to mothers — try first before you buy. Otherwise, you will end up with 4 swaddles like me which you won’t use.

Nice to buy though especially if you have a super fussy baby who refuse to sleep unless they are swaddled. To be fair, we did use the swaddle extensively during our hospital stay. However, once we got home, the swaddles were no longer used as much. Sayang lang din! Buti na lang Php 120.00 lang siya a piece.


Medela Pump in Style Advance (Php 8,800.00)

For my two babies, I had always been loyal to Medela Pump in Style as they are easy to use, effective and looks stylish. You can buy a set from The Parenting Emporium if you want a warranty. But for me, I’m a bit more practical, so the first time, I got my Medela Pump in Style from Amazon. These babies, I used DAILY for 3.5 years.

For the next baby, I did not want to use my old Medela anymore since they were unused for 2.5 years. So I bought one from Lazada instead for Php 8,800, which seemed like a steal but worked out for me. Instead of a backpack, they came in a bag but the methodology is still the same. Here’s my first pump so far and I am pumping around 4oz to 6oz at the moment so yay!

For breastmilk bags, just buy them from Shopee. They will cost you around Php 100 for a few bags. Way cheaper now when I first pumped 5 years ago.

Simple Wish Pumping Bra (USD 28 per pc or Php 1,400)

There are cheaper alternatives in Shopee — just type Simple Wish Bras and they will cost you Php 450-650 a piece — but when I bought mine, I got mine from Amazon years ago which cost me USD 28.00 a piece.

So far, my Amazon purchase (I bought 2 pcs) outlasted most of the baby stuff I bought and I am still using it for Baby number 2. Kinda cool, huh?

Lansinoh HPA Lanolin Nipple Cream (40g) at Php 695

You definitely need this on your hospital bag!

Never forget the nipple cream when you give birth. When the baby comes out, Day 1, the baby is brought to you for breastfeeding. Since this is your first time and your baby’s time, you will try very hard for the baby to suck. Sometimes they will, sometimes, they won’t. But try.

By the second or third day, your nipples will hurt — as in mahapdi hurt — for your repeated trying. DO NOT GIVE UP ON BREASTFEEDING. This will save you a lot of money from buying powdered formula, and breastmilk is good for babies. Instead, apply nipple cream.

I don’t care what brand you buy — there’s Medela, Lansinoh, and other brands — but buy one and make sure it’s inside your hospital bag. Apply liberally to cracked nipples. It will make the breastfeeding more tolerable. And yes, babies can consume these creams so it’s fine.

100 pcs of Mega-Malunggay 600 mg with Free Gift (Php 855.00)

I used to eat a lot of lactation goodies to keep my breastmilk flowing. The upside was that you had a lot delicious goodies. The downside was that there were also a lot of calorie intake, which does not help if you’re trying to lose weight.

Great thing that I found this perfect supplier of malunggay tablets, which worked because by Day 3, I was overflowing with milk at a 2-tablet per day intake. The great thing about this supplier was the freebie. Basically, the price of malunggay tablets is around Php 855.00 for 100 pcs, but with purplepinkbox, you get a freebie which consists of a ceramic cup, extra capsules or free lactation drinks. Great huh?

Baby Steps Breastfeeding Cover (Php 115.00 each)

If you’re breastfeeding, you would need at least 2-3 breastfeeding covers so you can breastfeed in peace. Shopee has many stores that sell reasonably priced covers — I used to buy my breastfeeding covers outside Shopee for Php 750.00 a piece — and they come in great looking designs for both girls and boys, all at a price that’s not even enough to buy a 2-piece chicken at Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Pigeon Honeycomb Disposable Breast Pads 12s/36s/60s (Php 550.00 for 72 pcs, or Php 7.64 a piece)

I find that while it’s not cheap, Pigeon Breast Pads can effectively stop the leakage of breastmilk. Usually a pair or two can set me the entire day. The problem is that these are NOT cheap, costing around Php 11.00 a piece, which is a problem because you’re using at least a pair a day.

Fear not however — I found that the cheapest supplier of Pigeon Breast Pads is from Shopee, and only cost Php 7.64 a piece. If you’re also a Pigeon disposable breast pad user like me, here’s a supplier you can trust to buy legitimate yet reasonably priced breast pads.

Child Care Nursing Pillow and Positioner (Php 450.00)

I have checked other brands of nursing pillow online and they cost an average of Php 750.00 to Php 850.00 a piece. Surprisingly, the Child Care Nursing Pillow only cost Php 450.00 and it’s the perfect size for any mother’s waist. The cloth itself is soft enough, and there are many beautiful designs to choose from so hindi nakakahiya to use outside.

You can also buy extra pillow covers for Php 199.00, making these nursing pillows a very stylish yet versatile item for every breastfeeding mother.


Baby Eco-friendly Folding Baby Swim Bath Tub Bathtub (Php 1,099.00)

This is one of the best sulit buys in Shopee — this folding baby bathtub is a space saver, nice to look at and can be used daily up until the baby is over 2 years old. I wished that I discovered this way sooner. This is a must have for every mother who wants something nice, clean and easy to store in their household.

Add On: Baby Bath Net (Php 199.00 a piece)

This quick drying bath support is a great addition to your folding baby bathtub and fits on it perfectly. Costing only Php 199.00 a piece, this baby bath net is a must have IF you buy the folding bathtub.

Add On: Foldable Wash Basins (Php 99.00 to 145.00 each)

I love foldable wash basins because they serve the purpose, have super duper cute designs and are the perfect accessory during bath times. I used ours extensively for punas punas:

Miigu Baby Multi-used Dinosaur Foldable Wash Basin Printed Bucket Baby Basin for Infants 5131A | Shopee Philippines (Php 145.00 each)

Portable Folding Basin for Baby Foldable Child Cartoon Wash Clean Basin | Shopee Philippines

Newborn Baby washbasin foldable portable Fall resistant large capacity Quick fold 4cm | Shopee Philippines


Star Baby Blue Bear Infant Diaper Diaper Bag (Php 399.00 for the Large Size)

Gone are the days when you would have to spend over Php 1,000.00 for a diaper bag. Mind you, they may be imported but a diaper bag is a diaper bag, and I feel that given the COVID-19 pandemic raging outside, it is wiser just to buy a large sized diaper bag to fit your every day newborn baby needs.

The changing pad sucks which is to be expected for Php 399.00, but aside from that, the Star Baby Diaper bags which comes in various designs and colors is a great steal.

Baby Changing Table without Wheels (Php 2,388.00)

I actually bought mine from msysuppliesph for Php 2,470.00 and it was a nice shade of dusty blue but I could not find the supplier at Shopee anymore. Hence, there are other suppliers that’s selling the same thing with a different color at the same price range as follows:

Oooooh price fell down and this supplier only offers it at Php 1,425.00.

Personally, I find this changing table as an amazing buy as it’s so easy to store after use. They come in stylish colors and designs, and it’s perfect for changing newborn diapers quickly and easily. There’s a little net container on the side to store your diapers, cotton pads and wipes, and it’s way better than buying a crib or pack n play which won’t be used as much and takes up a lot of space.

Baby Changing Pads for the Table — Buy at least 4 pcs as your baby will soil this when their poop overflows (Approx: Php 145.00 per piece)

I was silly and bought only two. Then I realized I needed more and topped up as these changing pads keep on soiling when Baby #2 poops everywhere and yaya has to wash them. The best I have seen are these changing pads at Php 145.00 a piece. Get those that are waterproof.

Desitin Diaper Rash Cream, Daily Defense 4oz (Php 475-550)

Thank you for Desitin!

You need to ensure you have this when the baby arrives. Technically, you only need it when your baby has diaper rash. However, you would want to have it ready when it happens because you don’t want your baby to suffer unnecessarily because you’re the nincompoop who did not have it ready.

Our yaya was kinda surprised on how well Desitin worked. The rashes went off after 2 days. Not bad!

Diapers: Pampers Baby Dry Tape Diaper Newborn 40s NEWBORN TAPE

Our family only uses Pampers as these diapers are made of quality materials and can keep the baby’s butt dry even when they pee or poo. For my eldest daughter, she can pee in her diaper the entire night, and when we open her diaper in the morning, her butt is still dry and she’s never had a UTI.

The best time to buy diapers are during the online sales like 5.5 or 6.6 and it’s always good to buy in bulk. Shipping is usually free and it’s ultra convenient just to have them delivered to the home instead of lugging them from the mall.

BabyWipes: UniLove Unscented Baby Wipes 100’s Pack of 6

Newborn babies poo and pee several times a day and you need baby wipes to clean them, especially since it’s not that easy to clean their butt at the sink given their soft necks. I find that Unilove Baby Wipes are relatively cheaper than other “organic” alternatives. The price is reasonable at Php 60.00 a pack and they don’t irritate the skin. I bought 4 packs for a total of 24 bags on the get go.

Other Items If You still Have Money

Seravallos Tonic Bark and Iron Wine 500 ml (Php 1,150.00 a bottle)

Seravellos Iron Wine is widely used by the Filipino-Chinese community to help new mothers replenish their blood and iron. You take 1-2 shots a day, and it’s enough DAW to help you recover from your blood loss and wounds.

As to whether it’s true or not remains to be seen but so far, I have used this for two of my births and I remained energetic even after both deliveries. So guess they worked.

Seravallos tonic contains the two recognized, blood-making and strengthening agents; Bark and Iron, blended in a rice Wine which, with all its virtues, forms the finest food base obtainable. It stimulates the appetite – Regenerates The Blood

Gelai Meals Delivered To Your House

Gelai food is aimed to help the woman recover her energy and health post partum. The food is usually soft and easy to digest, and are filled with nutrients that helps the body recover, restore the blood and heal the wound. A big bonus is that the more nutrients you drink, the more your body makes breastmilk. Here are the sample of food that I ate for 3 weeks post my delivery.

The Philippines has two reliable suppliers — and Ahma Shirley’s Specialties. I personally tried’s weekly menu this time and found their food to be quite delicious, reasonably priced (Note: they deliver it once every 2 days to your house), and nutritious. explained that the first week’s menu is usually soft, easy to digest and full of nutrients. I know that Cha Yo Tsi (kidney), liver, fish soup, pigeon, and black chicken may sound weird and yucky to the Filipino palate, but trust me, makes these dishes palatable and delicious.

I’m not a liver lover but I liked how they made their stir fried liver, which was ultra soft and yummy. Not as disgusting as I remember. The pigeon and black chicken were my favorites, and the sauce was sweet yet hindi nakakaumay. The stir fried kidney is my second favorite as the flavor is perfect, the kidneys are soft, and I really love their sauce.

The second week moves to meatier dishes like beef and pork to help digestion and easier absorption of nutrients. If you’ve noticed, while there’s lapu lapu, tons of soup and malunggay on the menu, you can’t eat sushi, shrimp, squid or shellfish during gelai. Instead, you basically eat the same things over and over again.

As what Gelai has stated, “GeLai focuses on a small number of dishes served many times. The new mom consumes the same dishes over and over to get all the healing benefits from these key dishes and drinks.” 

Okay, so that makes a lot of sense. It’s a bonus that you’re eating something healthy, nutritious and yet delicious. Note that this is NOT a sponsored post and I paid the supplier 100% for my food. But thanks for preparing. Really enjoyed the meals way better than the other gelai supplier I used during my first delivery.

These Beautiful Desktop Plastic Box Cosmetic Sets from Comfort Home

We organized our baby’s clothes, socks, mittens and ointments quickly and neatly using these plastic cosmetic box sets. Whereas you can buy them separately, I bought two sets of Small, Medium and Large and used them widely in storing baby’s items in the closet. Beautiful!


Mamaway Nano Bamboo Postnatal Recovery and Support Belly Band (Php 3,368.00)

Especially if you’re doing Caesarean, the Mamaway Belly Band is a must have as gives your body the support you need so you can actually stand up and go for the rest room. Do not buy any other belly band anymore. Just buy one and use this the whole time.

Konny Baby Carrier (Php 2926.00)

We used to buy several sizes of Baby K-Tan which cost us over Php 2,000.00 for our first baby. But having tried so many different carriers, I found that the Konny Baby Carrier SUMMER from Korea was so easy to wear, comfortable and breathable given the mesh. Just be careful about buying the right size — I bought Large, and Husband is 2XL, so you gotta size up when purchasing these carriers because babies get so fat so quickly.


Baby Dining Chair Baby Booster Seat Kids Dining Table Baby High Chair Adjustable Highchair (Php 1,168.00)

This baby booster seat that is convertible to a high chair got me so excited. Comes in cool colors of light blue, light pink or the unisex cream, this baby booster seat high chair is widely sold in Shopee at less than Php 1,200.00 a piece. The steel bars are stored in the bottom of the booster seat, making it very space saving.

These chairs are also built to last: You can also use these babies from 6 months to 2.5 years old, one of the more sulit purchases found in Shopee.

Baby Yoyozen Stroller (USD 549) or its China counterpart

If you’re going to buy a stroller, the best I have seen is the travel stroller, Baby YoyoZen. Before the pandemic, we have used the stroller to travel, and you want something you can bring with you onboard. Because when you land that plane, you want that stroller especially if the baby is sleeping.

There are cheaper alterative from China. They work the same way though quality of parts is less, but will cost you around Php 2,000 only. We bought both and felt they worked alike, and since you won’t use them for long, maybe no need to invest in something that’s worth 13x the price.

Lastly, Stuff You Should NOT Buy

Here were the stuff I overbought but did not use..;., EVER. So sayang lang talaga yung purchase. Please be mindful of your budget and proceed with caution:

  1. Cribs or co-sleepers and any crib decor: They were bulky, expensive and were never used as both babies co-slept with us. We had the wooden white crib, and the foldable cribs, but they were never used. Baby cried when we placed them on the crib,, so useless.
  2. Baby bottles: Buy only one piece per brand if ever as some babies do NOT like the bottle. Aeva never used the baby bottle so all of these were pamtapon lang. Second one, we are still experimenting so if ever, we are buying one from each brand to try them out.
  3. Bottle warmers: Useless if you do not bottle feed
  4. Diaper bins: Dudes, just use a trash can
  5. Food preparation devices like Baby Bullet: We used a fork and baby survived. If you want a food processor, just buy this for Php 199.00 — 9PCS Baby Food Grinder Processor Food Grinding Bowl Tool Set | Shopee Philippines
  6. Too many newborn clothes per stage: See the photo. This was Alyx as a newborn, and Alyx just a mere 30 days later! See why they quickly outgrow the clothes?
  7. Baby Shoes – Honestly, at this age, those are only for aesthetic purposes. They don’t walk and it’s COVID-19 so you don’t need to bring them out as much.
  8. Baby Towels or Blankets – Nice to have if you buy them in Shopee, but really, your regular towels and blankets at home would suffice



So there you go! For the hospital, you actually can only bring the basics and still be fine. Here are at least a list of stuff you must remember to bring because you really would need it

  1. At least 1 pack of 40 pcs Pampers Newborn Diapers – Newborn babies need changing 8-10x a day
  2. 2 packs x UniLove Unscented Baby Wipes 100’s
  3. 1 pc x Lansinoh Nipple Cream (a must have!)
  4. Change of clothes for the baby (I brought 5-6 complete sets of long-sleeved onesies, 5-6 pairs of pants, 3 mittens, 2-3 beanie and 5 socks)
  5. 2 pcs x Swaddles: Ask the nurse to teach you how to use it. They’re kinda useful for the first 30 days.
  6. Mamaway Bamboo Binder (a must have!)
  7. Maternity pads for your bleeding: At least one pack. Yes, the hospital has it but they will charge you for it.
  8. Two change of clothes for mommy
  9. Nursing bra (I buy from Mothercare) and 1 pack of Pigeon breastpads
  10. A comfortable pillow (one for me, and another for hubby) and blanket for hubby

That’s about it! Anyway, here’s a free Excel List of Baby Stuff You Can Buy for your downloading pleasure. Once more, this is just a guide, but if you see anything you liked from my list, you can easily find them either from Lazada, Shopee, Amazon or the retail store itself.

Downloadable Form: Free Excel List of Baby Stuff You Can Buy

If you think that I’ve missed anything important, kindly comment below so I can add it on the list. Have a good week everyone!

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