Opportunities Await Those Who Show Up


We were at Metrowalk running an errand and it was lunch time.

Maybe it’s the time of day or the pandemic, but Metrowalk in the daytime is an absolute ghost town.

Crick crick. Metrowalk feels like a ghost town.

Seats were all packed. Stores were closed. Some staff were present but they were not receiving service. Instead, they were cleaning up the restaurants, maybe from the evening before.

I was hungry. And was looking for a place to open.

There were only two that were: Starbucks in the corner and Bacolod Chicken Inasal, which sells one of the more expensive chickens at its category (php130+ for a piece of chicken leg, no rice or drink included).

But because no other place was open, we eat at Bacolod Chicken Inasal.

And so did a lot of visitors in Metrowalk who were like me, starving and hungry for options. Actually, despite the social distancing, there were a good number of diners eating.


Lesson learned: Pandemic or not, establishments who win are those who open.

While it may seem like a loss opening despite lower sales, closing would mean ZERO sales, which is even worse.

Zero sales mean cutting people, not paying your suppliers and closing stores.

Opening on the other hand offers hope —- that you can at least sell to recover your costs and overhead.

Sure, you may still lose some money, but it’s better than generating zero income and losing it all.

Same with looking for a job or achieving anything in life. Locking yourself in a room or closing yourself up won’t get you anywhere. Instead we must have the guts and strength to open to get anywhere.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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3 thoughts on “Opportunities Await Those Who Show Up

  1. I used to be too intimidated and too afraid to venture and explore. But thank God for the courage. I would not have learned what I’ve learned if I stayed in my comfort zone. Happy Tuesday, indeed!

  2. Hmm. On the post, if it costs more in variable cost to open than to shut, the correct decision is to shut. Even if that means loss on the fixed costs. Isn’t it? That’s why many restaurants don’t open all night.

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