10 Tips for a Successful Blind Date

1. Put your phone down. It’s annoying and will not die if you did not look at it during the date.

2. Maintain eye contact with your date when talking to him. Looking in the floor or everywhere else is weird. Look at his eyes, and not on the floor.

3. If you’re a girl, wear a dress. Be more feminine. Look neat and maybe wear a dash of makeup.

If you’re a guy, wear a neat shirt and pants. No shorts or tsinelas.

4. Ask questions — don’t let the other guy ask you questions. Find something in common with the other.

Can’t you find anything interesting about the other? Ask him about THAT. You might learn something.

5. Don’t argue with your date and shout at him. You can be right another time.

It’s not a debate. You don’t have to show you’re smart or you’re right. A date is totally not the time.

6. Don’t wear all black shirt, pants and boots unless you’re going for an emo rocketchick look. It’s not a concert.

7. Don’t overthink it. You’re going on a blind date, not get married. So act chill.

8. Stay ahead with current events.


Know what’s going on.

So you can keep up with the conversation and bring something of your own.

9. Bring enough money. Don’t expect for him to treat you or vice versa. Just go with the floor.

10. Smile and have a good time. Success or not, at least you met a friend.

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