Recommended: Inn’s Point, Hong Kong Hidden Gem for Dorks

Unbeknownst to me, my husband is a certified dork and loves Transformers, Gundam and Lego.

This is our personal collection at home:

To Get There

Go to Yau Ma Tei station and come out at Exit D Waterloo.

Turn right and cross the road once you exit the station.

Yes, this corner.

Cross the road. In’s Point is on the right side. Right beside Baleno.


Go up the escalator.

From the second floor, you can already see all sorts of Lego, Gundam and robots. My husband orgasmed upon arrival. It’s apparently dork heaven for adults.

You can also buy lighting kit with your lego.

Third Floor

These are the shops on the third floor:

Price Difference

The prices are slightly cheaper than Amazon or back in Manila.

For example, we bought this Lego Diner for HKD 950. In Amazon, the price of the diner is USD 170 or HKD 1,332. That’s a price difference of HKD 382 or ₱2,600.

We also bought the Lego Hogwarts Castle the other day for HKD 2,500.

A Hogwarts in Amazon cost USD 399 plus shipping. We bought ours for HKD 2,500. After conversion, that’s a peso difference of ₱4,500 (USD 90)!

For Gundam, the variance is smaller at around ₱1,000-2,500 per toy. It’s most likely because retail price is cheaper too vs. Lego. So the more expensive an item is, the chances of saving more is bigger.

WARNING: The price does NOT vary as much within Inn’s Point. One seller sold the Diner at HKD 960 while the seller we bought ours from sold his at HKD 950. So, tha’s a measely HKD 10 difference.

My advice?

Buy from the nicer seller. Bundle up your purchases. For example, if you want to add on lights, make sure you add on when you buy the Lego itself. We were able to get HKD 150 savings for lights by buying it from the same guy.

Hey, savings are savings.

This place is every dork’s dream. Just make sure you bring enough HKD because they only accept cash.

In’s Point is all anime, Gundam and lego. There’s another similar type shop in Mongkok. The building is called Richmond Place, and it’s mostly the same without lego and cutie stuff.

Final Thoughts

In’s Point is worthwhile to go if your hubby is a bonafide dork. Bring lots of cash and log onto the internet so you can calculate your savings.

For comfort room needs, there’s a Chinese restaurant on the fourth floor. If you’re shy, there’s Mcdonald’s and KFC at the end of the street.

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