Bon Voyage Again!

Traveling again!

This time, with a bigger group.

We are redoing our trip from last year and will hit up the Danube river via Crystal Cruises. Crystal Cruises is a 5-star river cruise which houses the best rooms in a boat and food.

We thoroughly enjoyed our last trip — I gained 20 pounds by the way — that we wanted a redo.

We are all excited.

It’s a sponsored family trip that’s almost once in a lifetime so it’s great fun. Will post the entire experience here so I can look back with fondness next time and relive it.

Anyway, at least people can see how great Crystal Cruises are and book their own trip with the line.

It’s highly recommended — service, food and board are all first class but if you book early, there’s a lot of discounts to be had. Prices are all in so say goodbye to annoying add ons in other cruise lines.

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