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5 Important yet Unconventional Questions to Ask BEFORE You Marry

Husband and I have joined more pre-marital counseling sessions more than average. We’ve gone through at least 15 separate sessions both one on one and as a group, but after we got married, there was still some adjustment. Apparently, most … Continue reading

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Partially Recommended: The Alpha Suites, Makati

Hubby and I booked a staycation at The Alpha Suites Makati for my post birthday celebration. It’s a nice hotel that offers studio units that include a small living room, dining and kitchenette set, all for a relatively cheap price … Continue reading

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Staff Housing Agreement Form (with Downloadable Word Doc)

We have drafted a Staff Housing Agreement and asked our lawyers to look through it after providing a staff house. I have decided to share this so that everyone can benefit if they are also providing a staff house. It’s … Continue reading

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Why We Decided to Subsidize a Staff House for our Core Team

I have managed our small business for 5 years and have only now decided to make a staff house for our head office core team. The idea has been one year in the making, from the time that I have … Continue reading

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Spot, Don’t Tell

I know of a handful of good women and their naughty little partners. For some reason, I come across some acquaintance’s husband who should not be doing what they were doing when I saw them. One had the bad luck … Continue reading

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Reposting: “Tita” or The Auntie

This is repost from the Internet, but translated to English by me. I have an tita, or auntie who is is 46 years old. She has no boyfriend, husband or kids. However, despite her lack of a boyfriend, husband or … Continue reading

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Life Tip: Get Pregnant Only When You are Sure about Your Relationship

I have a friend who is somewhat insecure about her relationship with her partner. The culprit? She got pregnant after a mere 3- to 4-months of dating her partner, forcing them both into an “insta-partnership” even though they still don’t … Continue reading

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Is it not annoying…

…When people call you and tell you to be ready at 11:00am because they will pick you up for a party that starts at 11:00am. And when you get ready, they are still not there. So, I had time to … Continue reading

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Life Advice: A Car is one of the Worst Purchases You can Make (Unless You can Really Afford It)

A credit investigation field officer arrived today to ask whether a certain Jane** is working for our company. Apparently, Jane has applied for a car loan at the Philippines Bank. She is planning to buy a Mitsubishi Mirage which retails … Continue reading

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Not as Recommended: Fireplace @ New World Manila Bay Hotel

I booked The Fireplace at the New World Manila Bay Hotel for my birthday dinner. I have super fond memories of the steak when we ate there years ago, and it was only because of the distance and traffic that … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to Me Once Again! One Year before 40!

My birthday this year is a lot calmer than the last. I was thinking of what to get for my birthday, but I realized just how the Lord has blessed me this year that I don’t really have anything to … Continue reading

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Highly Recommended: Kimnetix’s Art Sessions every Saturday Afternoon @ Conrad Manila

Are you looking for a relaxing creative activity every Saturday afternoon for a small fee of ₱350? My daughter and I attended the Kimnetix Network-organized art session in Conrad Manila yesterday. For a minimal charge of ₱350 per person, we … Continue reading

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