What to do when you encounter a crazy man who’s out to get you?

We went to a children’s party today. 

During one of the games, my husband who was babysitting (yaya was in day-off) sat our 2-year old toddler in one of the seats previously occupied by another kid when she stood up. 

The father or uncle who saw it got upset for the child. 

My husband did not notice the man’s anger and proceeded to win a small prize with our daughter. He did not know the man’s eyes was shooting daggers at him. 

The man aggressively went to my husband’s face and demanded an apology. Since my husband felt he did nothing wrong, he said nothing to the man and simply walked away with out toddler. 

The man then went to me, the wife, saying, “Your husband should say sorry. He pushed my daughter.” 

To which, I immediately said, “Well, if that is the case, I am sorry. Maybe it was just an accident?” 

The man still did not let the issue go. 

As the afternoon went on, he still continued to look heatedly at my husband and daughter. Of course, my husband simply ignored him. 

When my husband and daughter went back to me, he once again approached us, faced my husband and angrily said, “You pushed my daughter.”

“I already said sorry,” I said, inwardly laughing at how this man simply couldn’t let it go. 

Well he didn’t say sorry,” the man angrily replied, pointing to my husband who by the way was carrying our toddler in his arms. 

My husband paused and looked at him. Maybe for two seconds. 

Then he said, “I’m sorry.”

The man looked at him again. 

Then he slinked away. 

Anyway, how do you fight a man who refuse to take the bait? You can only fight a man who pridefully fights back. 

We continued enjoying the party. The magic show was on and we sat in front to enjoy the show. We didn’t see the man and forgot about him.

On our way out, we saw the man again by the entrance. He seemed to be waiting for us and his eyes followed us as we went to the parking lot. We simply ignored him as we carried our baby to the car. 

When we got to the car, we saw that the guy dented the front of our f*cking car!

The angry man kicked the front of the car and dented it. Photo of a similar dented car for reference:

Initial reaction of my husband was that he could fix it. He knows about cars and the problem isn’t big. The paint was still intact. The front bumper is made of plastic and could easily bounce back. 

My initial reaction was to laugh. 

Out loud. 

I couldn’t stop laughing.

This is the type of guy who shoots people in EDSA if he has a gun!!!” I laughed. “Oh my gosh, I can’t believe he still couldn’t let it go?!”

Okay, to be honest, it’s kind of a scary situation to be in. But I actually saw the humor in our sad situation.

My husband sighed and said, “I can fix it.”

I then told my husband that we should just get in the car and go. To hell with the angry man who couldn’t let it go. 

He has a LOT of anger issues. 

Maybe, he did this because he wanted to pick a fight. Since he couldn’t do it in the party, my guess is he purposely dented the car to have my husband come back and sock him, Maybe he was still in the entrance waiting for us to confront him. 

This guy thinks the world is street fighter! 

Wah, if he cannot let this petty issue go, imagine how much more enemies will he have in the future? 

If he cannot let an issue with a stupid chair go, and tries to pick a fight with a man who’s already said sorry, who by the way was carrying a 2-year old daughter and was babysitting the whole afternoon, then you can imagine what type of man he is!

That’s why I laughed.

Given the absurdity of his temper, he will one day pick the fight with the wrong person, who might retaliate hard and kill him. We don’t need to do anything to him right now…. given his temper, one day soon, he will get his revenge from somebody else!

That’s the problem of being angry.

Angry people always think they’re in the right. 

Regardless of reason, they cannot help but let the anger simmer because they feel the apology is fake, and still worsen the problem by trying to destroy your car! 

The heck dude?!


It’s just a stupid seat.

It’s a stupid accident.

And there already was a stupid apology,


But he didn’t.

So we drive away laughing.

We laugh because we believe that karma’s a bitch and if he’s like this to us, he should consistently act like an asshole to a lot of other people too. 

We laugh because his denting the car proves that he’s the asshole, and not us. He has serious anger issues. 

And we laugh because I now have something to blog about. And that there’s really no shame to walk away — especially when you’re dealing with the crazy man we encountered today. 

And he’s a father too!

Oh well, how would we know?

Would you have done the same? Have a good weekend everyone!  

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