A Shocking Discovery

I was browsing through my husband’s phone yesterday since my phone battery already died.

Since we were traveling to Angkor Wat with family soon, I was checking out activities I can add to our itinerary. Given our destination, I wanted to check out massage and spa establishments in the area.

So I googled, “Angkor Wat massage.”

To my surprise, this came out.


I tried several times but still, the same message came out. When I clicked, “Allow Website,” another page came out.


The f*ck?

I asked husband about it after he woke up from his nap.

Why is the page restricted?” I asked. “I don’t have such restrictions on my phone.”

Oh,” he replied. He seemed embarrassed. “I turned on the child lock on my phone so that I won’t be tempted in checking out porn sites. Apparently, massage and spa are included in the filters.”

“Well, what’s the code?” I asked.

Oh, I just inputted some random code and completely forgot about it,” he said. “That means, I can’t log on even though I want to. Removes the temptation.”

“Actually, the child safe lock follows you around even after you migrate to another phone,” he helpfully added. “It’s quite a cool feature.”

When we were dating, my husband made a promise to me to minimize his porn usage and to not drink alcohol without my consent. His answer to controlling is to just removing the temptation completely. I was NOT aware that he carried out this promise to such extent.

After finding out, I smiled. I truly love this man!

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