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HR Opinions: Minimum Wage is NOT the Problem. Freeloaders are.

How Minimum Wage Works I wrote this last Labor Day, and as usual, employees are clamoring to increase the Minimum Wage. As of today, minimum wage in the Philippines stands between Php 380 to Php 537 depending on locality. For … Continue reading

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COVID-19 Update: Seniors, Please Stay at Home!

Senior citizens are protesting the government’s movement to stay at home. They said they want to go out, shop, buy medicines. They say it is unconstitutional to stay home, saying it feels like house arrest. The well-respected businessman and blogger, … Continue reading

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Love Hacks: The Choice is Simple — Forgive or to Leave

A lot of women complain about their significant others. Specifically, in the aspect of infidelity. “My husband cheated,” they would ask. “But he said he’s sorry. Do cheaters change?” Obviously, every single woman would shout, “NO, Are you freaking nuts?! Don’t … Continue reading

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How Poor are Filipino Students in Studying?

There is a running joke that’s going around recently that the Philippines is deserving of the award of being lowest in terms of reading comprehension: “HM po” means “How much po?” which means that the typical Filipino do not even bother … Continue reading

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The Story of the Vending Machine

During our layover in Istanbul, my daughter wanted to buy at fast fashion store JC Waikiki. The vending machine was cheap at EUR 5.95 but after buying her a nice red jacket and a Frozen Bluebooth headset, I was NOT … Continue reading

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5 Important yet Unconventional Questions to Ask BEFORE You Marry

Husband and I have joined more pre-marital counseling sessions more than average. We’ve gone through at least 15 separate sessions both one on one and as a group, but after we got married, there was still some adjustment. Apparently, most … Continue reading

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Annulment in the Philippines 101

The Philippines is one of the few countries where divorce is not allowed. Given it’s strong religious roots which dictate what the Lord has brought together, man cannot bring apart, couples here separate illegally, and co-habitate and have children with … Continue reading

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Is it the Woman’s Fault When Things Don’t Work Out?

A mommy asked last week after discovering that her husband had an affair, “He said that it was my fault that the marriage is broken because of my attitude and how I led our family. So I apologized for everything.” … Continue reading

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Getting my Second D&C

I was admitted in FEU Hospital for my second D&C or raspa due to another missed abortion. I chose FEU Nicanor Reyes Medical Foundation instead of St. Luke’s QC because it was my OB’s main hospital. Also, I had my … Continue reading

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Another One Bites the Dust

I was pregnant. And then I wasn’t. As per my last, the heartbeat stopped last week. It was a healthy 115 beats last May 18, and now, it hasn’t grown. The embryo is 7 weeks old. The baby should have … Continue reading

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When Relatives Make Bad Decisions

My biggest weakness is my pride. I believe that before I make an important decision, I have already give that idea a great bit of thought. Not only do I make a decision based on the facts at hand, but … Continue reading

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