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Work and Play

Boyfriend has contacted me today after over a week’s haiatus. Smart boy, he contacted me while at the office — when I knew I couldn’t really make a scene. He said that in the alps, he’s been staying at the … Continue reading

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A Lazy SunDAY

Our Sunday brunch menu featured some delicious Xinjiang Fare in a restaurant at the corner of Water Street and Pok Fu Lam road) in the company of new friends. To the inexperienced, Xinjiang food uses a lot of heavy mutton … Continue reading

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5 Observations about HK

My blog is often so text-heavy, you feel that you’re reading the encyclopedia (zzzzzz…). I often wonder how most of you can take it. Hence, here’s some photos of my observations on my 3-week stay so far in Hong Kong: … Continue reading

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The Slow Disappear

I think I’m too rational for my own good — too logical, even-minded and fair. I had previously mentioned that men like drama. Sure, they get all pissed off and claim that their girl is psycho, but soon enough, you … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas!

Though am spending the holidays alone, there are three things to celebrate about: 1) Just found a home and signed a contract (God help me… the rent is mighty expensive!). 2) Heck, we get two days off, can you believe … Continue reading

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Oh shit.

One depressing thing about being in a new country is that you have no one to spend Christmas with. No lover, no friends, no company, nada. Come to think of it, I’ve never really spent Christmas cuddled up with someone, … Continue reading

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Dad’s in Town

My parents are in town. As usual, the Commander in Chief (my dad) has more than a few ideas on how I should live my life. Just my luck, this is the week that I go househunting, and this Sunday … Continue reading

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Some depressing updates — what to do?

Tired due to some constant overworking. Today was quite productive and even applied for a HK Smart ID Card, a bit of will to really prove that am actually living here and not just passing by. Also made an appointment … Continue reading

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Hai Ho… Hai Ho…

…it’s overwork I go. Man, doesn’t this feel like normal? 🙂 Whereas for the last few months, I’ve been talking about my love life (zzzzz…), all of a sudden, life takes a sudden twists and all I mention is my … Continue reading

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My New Life

Work long hours. Feeling the pressure. Stop to eat. Only food place near the office is Cafe de Coral, a ubiquitous Chinese medium-tiered Hong Kong fast food chain, and expensive deli sandwiches which are delivered to your floor. Rice bowls … Continue reading

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