Dad’s in Town

My parents are in town. As usual, the Commander in Chief (my dad) has more than a few ideas on how I should live my life. Just my luck, this is the week that I go househunting, and this Sunday morning, have dragged my parents around town to hear about their opinion — because otherwise, I’d get hell for the rest of the year for not considering their needs in choosing a place.

As if they’re paying my rent (they’re not) and if they’re staying with me over 365 days of the year (they’re not as well).

Like the time when I chose my second apartment in Taipei. My dad bitched about the fact that the apartment I chose didn’t really have an elevator. And he was already too old to walk up the stairs. Of course for him, he didn’t really care that I was the one staying there most of the time and he never really visited. It was the thought that counts, and he was hurt hat I didn’t place him first in my consideration when choosing a house.

Okay, my bad. I should’ve been a better daughter.

Then for my third apartment, dad complained again. Whereas any father would’ve been happy that his daughter stayed in an all-female apartment (I shared amicably with 3 other people) and of course, he was insulted that no males — including him — was allowed to stay overnight.

But I’m your father,” he insisted via my more diplomatic mom. “Surely, they’ll let me stay.” You see, my father didn’t see the point of paying for a hotel when he could stay with me, despite my insistence that he can stay at the Shangri-La at my expense if he wished.

My landlord was also stubborn — no males. “How do you think the rest would feel about walking in their pajamas if your father is there?” he said. Good point indeed.

So that’s the reason why I’ve dragged my parents around. Given that their input are considered in the decision process, surely they have less to say afterwards (though the downside is, if they chose the place and liked it, they’ll be flying over to Hong Kong more often. Lord, save me).

Not so — my father insisted I choose a place that’s HKD1,000 beyond my budget and farther than my expectations. In his defense, the apartment is beautiful — around 500 square feet which is miniscule, but has a beautiful sea view that blows your brains out. Okay fine, so my dad’s right. Except that the ground floor has a wet market and is dark and unsafe in the evenings, it’s actually not that as a bad choice.

Okay la, am just giving my dad a hard time. I get really irritated when he insists his own way especially when he’s not paying for the rent and since he’s not staying over that often (though this may change). Putting two stubborn people in the room is not a great idea, and you’ve gotta give my mom some credit in keeping the peace.

Aiya, HKD1,000 is a small price to pay for peace. Besides, it’s not as if I will hang myself in choosing that apartment at North Point. In truth, I fell in love with it when I first saw it, but was also easily persuaded by a similar comfortable place near Causeway Bay that’s within my budget.

Don’t get me wrong. In theory, I love my dad. But he can be really difficult at times. No, at many times. He’s even worse than my boss… 🙁

So anyway, this weekend was spent on househunting. So far, have concentrated my search in the Fortress Hill/North Point area (saw around 10 here), Wancai, Causeway Bay and Kennedy Town. Despite its proximity from Central, I quite like the North Point area. The places are bigger and are slightly less expensive than those nearer Central.

So where will I be?

I’ve been staying in my lovely service apartment for the last two weeks so better be fast in deciding for a place to stay. Only have around 2 more weeks to go and have to move out and pay HKD24,000 for my apartment! Aaaargh, takaii ne!

So for those readers who are interested to find out how I’m living in Hongkong, despite my many virtual complaints, my company has been giving me the sweet treatment since I got here. I’m staying at this wonderful place called Shama Fortress Hill and here are some photos to share:

The entrance to my apartment:


Though the place is merely 513 square feet (and not square meter as I originally thought), the Shama Fortress Hill has everything you need — a small kitchenette, a living room, a serene bedroom, among others. It even provides you with the cutlery and fridge you need if you cooked, and has a free gym and pool table at the second floor.

Of course, the daily maid service is sweet, and they even have her come and clean on Saturday!

Secondly, here’s my mini living room, where I’ve been sleeping in since my dad is here. Off the photo is a small coffee table with three chairs where I’m tying right now, and a flat screen TV complete with DVD player. The apartment has a bunch of DVDs you can borrow downstairs too — if you’re home enough to watch them!


Lastly, the queen-sized bed is my total favorite. Every time I stay in a place, a double-sized bed is simply a strong preference, and the Shama has given me a nice strong bed with ultra-comfortable pillows (that’s four in all, babe!) and a comforter that makes you not leave it in the morning:


They even turn down the sheets every day. SWEEEEEEEEEET!

Anyway, it’s late. Just want to give you a brief update on how Hong Kong life is like. Hopefully, I can decide on a home very soon. If you can, do let me know what are your considerations when renting a place. Do you care about the building’s exterior or the interior more? Is price a deciding factor for you especially if the difference is merely HKD1,000? When do you allow yourself to exceed the budget? And lastly, what’s the deciding factor for you usually when picking a place?

Okie, have a great weekend everyone and good night!

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2 thoughts on “Dad’s in Town

  1. Sweer! Those pictures go a great way in actually getting the idea of where you live. Is that a microwave up on the shelf in the first picture? Whatever it is, so high? I hope that’s temporary 🙂 Anyways, it does look very nice! Still, why would your father decide the minimum rent? It’s your money!

    If I were choosing a place, I’d first check the exterior. I’m fine with anything as long as the neighborhood doesn’t look like I’ll get mugged on a random night.
    Once that criteria is satisfied, I’d look for overall comfort, ease of cleaning, the sense of space (which is different from sq.feet) and isolation. Price would be a deciding factor but I’d be willing to spend a bit extra on important features (see below).

    See, an important thing I would very much like to have central heating and a shower stall/wet room/whatever with quality thermal isolation.
    This might seem weird, but my house lacks all of that, and it’s impossible to heat the bathroom. My room, being on the north side and looking west, reaches +40 C (+104 F) by summer and under 10 C (50 F) in winter. Likewise, the bathroom has almost no isolation and only an open bathtub, meaning that it is impossible to heat it no matter what you do. The instant you take away the warm water, the icy daggers of air… aaagh! Gods forbid that you touch the wall because you will stick to it as if you licked a frozen railing. You get the point. Thus, warm shower stalls are my secret dream 😀

  2. Haha, yes that microwave is on top of the fridge. Room is freaking small that that’s the only way we can fit it. Come to think of it, HK places are tiny! And expensive! But that’s the only way to live ‘cept if I want to live on the streets.

    Thanks so much for your tips. In the end, went for that with the nice interior. Seaview is really terrific so can’t help but get it. I like your comment about the warm bathrooms though. Totally get your point. Sucks if it’s to cold and the room’s even colder! Definitely will think about the heating system though luckily, HK doesn’t need too much. Cold at times, but still doable.

    Going to Shanghai though in January so it’ll be freezing! Wish me luck!

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