Oh shit.

One depressing thing about being in a new country is that you have no one to spend Christmas with. No lover, no friends, no company, nada.

211_another_loney_xmasCome to think of it, I’ve never really spent Christmas cuddled up with someone, and this is not the year I’d expect this to happen. Actually, I should cry for joy IF the boyfriend actually greets me a very merry christmas. He’s been in cognito for some time now.

Why keep him around?

Long story short, there’s no huge fight inciting us to break up. There’s no valid reason for us to do so. Sometimes, maintaining the status quo seem like the easiest way to go especially after I’ve arrived in a new place.

He’s not afraid at all,” I told my friend Sufeng last night. “No competition.”

Nonetheless, all depends on the natural flow of things. My former boss used to tell me, “Trust the process.”  We as people have a tendency to over-analyze (me especially). However, in hindsight, things always work out in the end. The trick is just to keep on going. So if you’re thinking of suicide, give it up.

Ending your life seems brave if you went through with it. But actually living your life is braver.

Given that, it’s going to be a very lousy Christmas for your friend Bonita here. Tomorrow, I’d be calling up a few friends just to see how they are, and hopefully get an invite to a nice Christmas dinner (and if so, I will forever be grateful).

So do make me jealous by sharing with me how you’re going to spend your Christmas. Hopefully, it’s tons better than mine. 🙂

Happy holidays!

* Photo courtesy of Bitter Stickgurl.


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