Merry Christmas!

Though am spending the holidays alone, there are three things to celebrate about:

1) Just found a home and signed a contract (God help me… the rent is mighty expensive!).

2) Heck, we get two days off, can you believe that?! In Taipei btw, Christmas is not a working holiday.

3) Still have a job.

There are three more things to get depressed about:

1) According to my friends who have also transferred to Hong Kong, it takes an average 3 to 6 months to adjust and start liking it. At 2 weeks in, golly, THAT LONG?!

I NEED FRIENDS HERE. AAAAAARRRGH. All I get are people who want to fly to Hong Kong and stay for free in my flat!

2) Well, he still hasn’t called yet. And then I ask myself why I am even bothered by this.

3) I have to go drop by work tomorrow because now I have peace and quiet and can come up with a proposal for 2009. Survival tactics so to speak.

So overall, everything balanced out. But don’t worry too much about me. This is the newbie jitters. Should be okay till about 6 months time.

Till then, have a very merry christmas and an advanced happy new year!

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2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

  1. It’s shitty that he isn’t calling you for so long; I don’t like it when people (of both genders) say the “L” word if they lose interest soon afterwards. I hoped it wasn’t that kind of a situation. Granted, they couldn’t have known – but they could have suspected at least. Ah well. I know it’s unfair.

    Don’t worry about being alone for Christmas. You’re on an adventure anyways 🙂 Social butterflies? Pffffft! Find a good book…

    *goes off to munch on christmas cakes* Merry Christmas!

  2. Thanks DS. Yes, it’s shitty indeed. Well, am no stranger to guys who quickly lose interest. Think that I am seeing a pattern already — they start off strong, and then poof, they’re gone!

    No matter, life goes on. Can’t dwell too much on people who won’t be there that long anyway. Talked about my Christmas adventure in new post. Anyway, just want to say how I appreciate you commenting because it makes me feel less alone. Happy holidays!

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