Some depressing updates — what to do?

Tired due to some constant overworking.

Today was quite productive and even applied for a HK Smart ID Card, a bit of will to really prove that am actually living here and not just passing by. Also made an appointment with my designated travel agent who is more than happy to try to get me an ubder-expensive studio that’s worth more of my salary in Taiwan.

However, these pale in such depressing news that greeted me later in the day.

Our Department Head called myself and a colleague — both from the same team — to his office. My line manager (direct report) is there, and she sadly smiles.

Sad to say but it’s **** (boss’ name) last day here,” our department head began.

I was shocked of course. My colleague started tearing up. Working closely beside our line manager for the past year, they’ve been close and it’s tearing her up inside. Nobody expected this.


Am sure that this isn’t really goodbye,” our department head continued. “There will be other opportunities for you to see her maybe on a professional or personal basis.”

The move for me personally was not as surprising. First, my line manager was a coordinator for our team — sort of a cheerleader to ensure that every person on our team who is based on each country gets their job done. The problem of the coordinator is that even with a coordinator gone, the wheels will still turn. The great thing about our organization is that we hire extremely capable people that you don’t really need someone who can rah-rah-rah behind you to get to work.

Scratch that, my organization totally hires very admirable, competent people.

It’s like our IT Head in Taiwan who was pleasantly let go (though I think everyone thinks he’s just retired). I can call up any of his team anytime and they can equally and competently get the job done. Hence, why is the Head so important especially at these tough times?

If you remove the minions, the job doesn’t get done. If you remove the head, well, someone else can double up and supervise anyway…

The news is depressing however. Contrary to other people, I actually like my boss. He’s pleasant to work with and has always been supportive of us. I will credit him for solidifying our team and carried out several successful initiatives over the last few years.

It makes me wonder what my life will be in Hong Kong.

Boyfriend, after 1.5 weeks finally emails me how I’m doing in my first week in Hong Kong. He’s in his annual vacation and for reasons unknown found it wise to wait this long to get in contact.

What can I tell him?

That my boss got laid off, and heck, maybe I’m next? 🙁

It would be one sick joke if I got transferred, having put in the motions of applying for an ID and finding a house, and then finding myself jobless in a few weeks. Seriously, don’t you think that’s one big wrong business decision especially with my Taiwan boss not willing to let me go? And now, I find myself being thrown into a lair of wolves…

Sure, they may have their own sweet reasons of letting me come here, but in such tough times, who can really tell?

Anyway, it’s really unwise to overthink this. Do note that it’s normal that I’m a bit bitter about all of this, especially since this is the first time that I’ve ever encountered having someone that professionally close to me rendundant. And despite my tirade, without a leader, a team is like a chicken running around with its head cut off.

So what is the best way to act/feel/do when someone close gets redundant? How do you treat that person? How do you act at work?

The show must go on,” a big part of me said. “Redundancy is like death. You actually never really know when it’ll hit you, and if so, mercifully, it’s by surprise. The best way is to just do the best you can.”

And so I am, and I will.

The wheels of my head is turning. Tough, it’s the downturn, but what now? We mourn and we cry for the dead, but we move on. We see how we can best survive in such terrible circumstances and just move on.

Comments welcome. Advice welcome.

Turning the floor over to you. Your thoughts?

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3 thoughts on “Some depressing updates — what to do?

  1. i’ve been at my company about a year now, and prior to that i was unhappily working at a bank. i thought there’d be lots of opportunity but was disappointed as the better i did the job, the more they wanted to keep me in the same place. i found a new job, and even managed to refer an ex-colleague and get him hired with my current company.

    things have been rough, as you say, and it wasn’t three weeks after completing training that he was let go.

    i, of course, felt horrible that he quit a job for another only to get let go.

    turns out he did such a great job back at the bank that it took little to no time for them to re-hire him.

    i guess the moral of the story is.. if you don’t burn your bridges, they’ll still be there if you step back after a wrong turn.

  2. Long time no see Alatus. Well you’re right. Worse comes to worse, think that my former boss in Taiwan (even though it’s the same company) will still find a way to hire me back or refer me to another nice company. Am not really worried about my current job. Actually, don’t really need to work that much. However, it just sucks when some sense of security gets taken away from you and you don’t know whether you are to proceed or not.

    Anyway, too late. Just signed my rental contract yesterday. Oh well.

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