Managing the Downturn

Everyone is afraid of the next redundancy exercise that’s coming in January.

Imagine that, you’re tanned and toned from your Christmas vacation, only to find yourself axed with a small package to support you in the long job-searching months ahead in one of the worst economic environments. Not the warm welcome you expect, yes?

My colleague shares of a Department Head who got axed the day after his huge project. “Sure, he was pretty clueless most of the time but he was so high up, you wonder if they’ll ever get rid of him.”

I agree–met the guy once and admitted he was pretty useless. Although you wonder, how vulnerable are we in this downturn? People cheered when Bank of America bought out Merrill Lynch, but imagine how its employees feel when 35,000 jobs are announced to be cut in the next 3 years. Citigroup plans to remove 15% of their workforce.

Everyone is freaking afraid and vulnerable. Heck, even I, the new transferee feel naked. Who will be next?

I can imagine it now — a day after MY big event in January, and you get called in a cold office tobe given your pink slip. “We’re sorry but you’ve been redundant,” my boss would say. “We’re really really sorry.”

Of course, that would be pretty shitty. Moving you and then kicking you out when I would have more of a job security in Taiwan. That would be a funny tale of woe: it’s what career nightmares are made of regardles on how kind the package would be.

Anyway, what’s the use of really worrying about it? Anything I can do at this time?

Redundancy exercises are like dying–when it’s your time, nothing can shield you from it. And the best you can do is to live life to the fullest, pray you have more time in this Earth and not think about it. When it happens, no amount of hiding or working your ass off can help you. Heck, even soon-to-be-ex-boyfriend is afraid. “Sure, they can get rid of me,” he said. “But till then, I’d be working my ass off.”

Hence, it’s almost time to start thinking of Plan B.

What happens if I do get laid off?

Millions of websites advising you on what to do in the event you lose your job. Top of head, I’d probably go home and think really hard on my next step. One option is to go back to the Philippines. Went there last weekend and saw several business opportunities. Don’t want to go back to such an inefficient place though but heck, who can tell?

Another option is to apply for B-school in the process. Take the stupid GMAT, get a decent above-700 score and then get in by the age of 30. Then during the upturn (as recessions always end), get a job as an analyst finally proving that I have a brain after all. During this time of waiting, I can also study for CFA Level II in the comfort of my home, and cross my fingers pass it. That way, I can get finish the entire course fast, preparing me for a better paying career in the long term.

Lastly, I can travel a bit. Hotel, airline and travel packages are getting lower and maybe now would be a good idea to take 2-3 weeks off and just backpack a bit, just so I can say that I’ve done it. I can start in Czech Republic and then move around Europe. Or maybe even try Mexico or something. Saved some money so why not? Who gets to travel for a long time anyway? Should be a great life experience, think not?

Overall, as I write, I feel calm.

Getting laid off will suck, but if it happens, no amount of kicking and screaming can save me from it. The best I can hope for is a good package to ready me for my above three choices. At least, I had a good run, and though being made redundantis not a great thing to place on your resume, nobody will blame you at his painful time and more often, this has nothing to do with your performance. It’s just that the company has to cut someone and you’re just next on the list.

Anyway, let’s not talk about this too much. It’s Friday and whoopee-dee, the start of a weekend.

I don’t know about you though but tomorrow finds me working at the office till late. Gotta overtime. If they kick me out, will definitely not go kicking and screaming.

My eyes hurt and gotta sleep now. Hope all is well.

So how are you going to manage the downturn? Your comments appreciated.

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