Hai Ho… Hai Ho…

…it’s overwork I go.

Man, doesn’t this feel like normal? 🙂

Whereas for the last few months, I’ve been talking about my love life (zzzzz…), all of a sudden, life takes a sudden twists and all I mention is my days of adjustment in Hong Kong and yes, my career/work.

Believe it or not, just got home. Freaking had to send a few emails till almost 1am! However, I know I’ll feel a lot better in doing so. Hopefully though, can wake up on time tomorrow morning.

*Lord help me*

Busy is good. Busy keeps you from feeling lonely. Busy gives you purpose. It’s been a few days since I’ve had the urge to cry. Now, my adrenalin is pumping and all I strive to do is to keep awake. 🙁

Okay, late lo so gotta sleep. Have to wake up early eh.

If I have the time tomorrow, will update you on something funny that happened to me today. Funny on hindsight but wanted to strangle the person who caused me pain today.

Hint: Not the soon-to-be-exboyfriend la. He can screw himself for all I care (sorry for the angst — my blog is the only place where I *$#&($)(#@ him and you all know that I don’t really feel too badly about it).

Night night!

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2 thoughts on “Hai Ho… Hai Ho…

  1. Summary comments

    1) BF view pretty clear when you went to Sri Lanka instead of Singapore
    2) Recent transfers can make one very vulnerable to layoff, but the assumption is that moving you in this period is because they need you there and respect what you’re doing. Relax.
    3) Do call him and find out what’s going on, even if only to make it easier to focus on your work in HK
    4) Avoid the temptation to save money by just easting at McD or stocking up on bread. I did that at one point after moving to HK and still have never really lost the weight I put on.
    5) HK is a tough place, but you will find your way in it. I found myself happier in domestic Taiwan, and that did not transfer to HK. You are better in the expat world than I am. That will serve you well there as the local world is still surprisingly insular.

    Good luck. I am quite sure you will do well, and HK is a very good place to WORK even if housing is cramped to an extreme degree.

  2. Always in Taiwan gives pretty clear insights, so thank you.

    1) Decided on Sri Lanka because Singaporean boyfriend cannot give me the time I want anyway. Though I like him a lot, it’s hard to invest when the returns aren’t as good. It’s quite complicated and on hindsight, happy I went to SL instead of SG (though I did stopover in SG).

    2) Thank you and hope you’re right.

    3) I’ll focus. I’ll focus. Gotta focus. But I can’t call. Call it pride, but I cannot call unless I can’t help it.

    4) Good point. Gaining weight now. Gotta stop. Thanks for the tip!

    5) Hope you’re right. HK for me is depressing right now. It’s official, I am lonely. But guess there’s really nothing to do about this. Whining won’t help. The best way is to just go out and meet new people and hope for the best!

    As always, AIT, thank you. Merry Christmas!

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