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Boyfriend has contacted me today after over a week’s haiatus.

Smart boy, he contacted me while at the office — when I knew I couldn’t really make a scene. He said that in the alps, he’s been staying at the low-class hotels where there’s no Internet and hence, couldn’t write.

I thought you were dead,” I teased. “Too bad it didn’t happen.” Okay, I didn’t say the last part and that was mean, but it did pop my head.

Anyway, he’s alive and kickin’ and called me his first day of work. Whatever man. I don’t even have the energy to be mad. I think losing your temper is a useless exercise. Do you think that anything can ever be settled by screaming at each other and throwing plates? In movies, couple claw at each other and then have amazing make-up sex. Think that’s even possible in our case?

“(#(*$#&$*#&O#(#@,” I’d say or he’d say. And then:


Someone hangs up.

Conversation over.


So basically, am taking the laissez faire view and listening to dating expert, Marc Evan Katz when he gives this most important advice, “Don’t do anything.”

So I’m not. And not just because Marc Evan says so, but mostly because I think that love is a verb. When you care for someone, you do nice things for them and make them happy. When a guy doesn’t make you happy, you take it and take it until you cannot take it anymore. And then you know that the relationship needs to end.

Now, no sermons about not trying in the relationship dear Sirs. We don’t force anyone to treat us how we want to be treated. Trust me, I’ve already told him my needs — affection and attention — and I find him quite lacking in the department. And don’t think that I haven’t been clear because I can be pretty logical when I have to.

Que sera sera… what will be will be then! 🙂

And let’s see what an alive Boyfriend can do to followup that call.


Aside from my relationship which I overanalyze to bits (yes, I know some of you are already sick of it), I worry about my own job. In the office, there’s two of us who enjoy the same title and job description. There’s me who just moved here 3 weeks ago, while the other one who has been at this job (and quite good at it too) for at least a year already.

Now, I am not selling myself short. I do believe I have value-added gifts that I bring to the organization. They will not just transfer me here only to kick me out, this I know.

However, it does bother me when someone shares the same title and job description as I do. Yes, there is a sense of politics in the organization and given that my line manager just left, there’s always that lurking thought, “Will I be next?” and “If so, will it be her, or me?”

These are useless thoughts though—in the end, I think that her job description would be different than mine. I don’t think any organization would actually assign two people to do exactly the same things. That would be stupid and inefficient don’t you think, and given that both of us have pretty strong personalities, suicidal. 🙁

Evidence of this can be seen from today.

I called one of her Shanghai contacts because we wanted them to meet with our clients. I have double checked with our person from Shanghai and asked them to do it but she was busy so she delegated that job to another person in our department. Of course, that wasn’t done so I gave them a call myself.

Why did you call them?” she asked. Of course, none of this was threatening at the least.

Because (girl from Shanghai) was busy and asked (girl from Hong Kong) to call them and ask,” I replied. “However, since the girl from Hong Kong cannot convince them, I felt there was nothing to lose and gave them a ring.”

“Hmmm… but the (girl from Shanghai) has good relationships with them,” she answered. “Maybe would be better if she was the one who called.”

“I dunno,” I said shrugging. I don’t believe in delegating the work to everyone especially when that person has made it clear that she’s busy and she’d rather have someone do it. And if someone cannot accomplish the task, well heck, I’d rather do it myself.

Aiya, maybe I’m overthinking this too much but then again, there’s always an element of power play in a big office. Wll there be a time that a referree may be called in?

I don’t seriously think that will happen, but who knows? What if you put two opinionated people to do the same task? Will everyone be more productive or will it end in disaster?

I guess, like everything, let time tell!

Hope everyone’s having a great week. New Year’s Eve is coming soon and still have no plans yet!

Wish me luck!

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