Current Events: How to Handle an ex-Frontrow or MLM Employee?

Yesterday, Dave Villanueva, a disgruntled popular multi-level marketing employee went to Raffy Tulfo to complain about FrontRow Millionaire’s Club’s failure to pay for his earnings due to some misunderstandings last year. Dave Villanueva was tauted as one of Frontrow’s rags to riches story and his face is still at the site’s web page.


Here was the Part 1 of his interview. Part 2 and 3 are on the Youtube links:

To make the long story short, Villanueva is merely asking for the following and was ignored by the MLM’s owners, which was why he went to Raffy Tulfo to complain:

  1. His forfeited earnings in August 2019 (Php 15,000-25,000), October 2019 (Php 100,000+), and December earnings to Php 150,000-175,000 for at least Php265,000 for the fault of one of his downlines.
  2. The two cars of which he paid the downpayment for, but he discovered was named to “Dave Villanueva,” Car Clubs. Montero which he downed Php 300,000 for, and is monthly paid for at Php 25,000 per month, which he paid 2 years for. Ford Mustang paid Php 500,000
  3. He also wants the Frontrow troll accounts to cease and desist from harassing him on social media. I have been victimized by MLM trolls previously and also received death threats after posting about my experiences with Nu Skin, so I definitely can relate to his harrowing experience. 

In light of this daily dose of Filipino scandal, this question that was asked in social media today by a Netizens.

“Since the iron is still hot on networking like Frontrow, I would just like to ask, “As an employer would you hire someone who has a background on one and what do you think is their edge against other applicants given that they can hype something out of proportion to borderline con-like behavior (I think this one is a commendable skill)”?

How did you position them if you already have one in your company? Overall how do you like to position them in your team?

Disclaimer: I am not implying anything, just curious.”

I would like to share my answer to such question, as I believe that there’s a lot of lessons that can be taken from this hiring someone who had Frontrow or MLM Experience:


I would NEVER discriminate an applicant with MLM experience like Frontrow. They are known to be smooth talkers, good salespeople, and very charismatic. If you can find a good one, they may be keepers IF they stay.


1. Less expectation during the interview. While it’s easy to hire them given how well they interview, many do not show up on their first day. Verbal agreements are just laway to them. So don’t hold your breath.

2. If they do show up, make sure that they sign their contract on their first day.

Make sure that you have properly explained the job description, payment scheme, and everything is stated clearly in the contract. If your explanation is incomplete, he/she can complain later to the proper authorities and blame you for your negligence.

3. Make sure that in your contract, the following clause is clear and in bold — “While working at Company A, you cannot are not authorized or allowed to recruit members or sell items from other companies. Unauthorized sidelines and recruitment for employment in other companies are strictly prohibited due to a serious conflict of interest. If you proceed to do this, failure to respect this clause will lead to termination.”

4. During orientation, please ask them to take down notes. They will most likely nod their head as if they understand. Then they will smile when you ask them a question, revealing that they understood little. Tapos sa smile na lang dinadaan. Charm to the max ang daan.

5. Once they start working, you have to constantly monitor their whereabouts, and ensure they’re really going out on field. Make full use of Share Location in Viber. If they don’t do what they’re supposed to do, document it with an NTE and make sure they acknowledge it. Minsan kasi, naliligaw.

6. Once they give the reports, double check their documents that everything is in order. Make sure nothing is missing. Because once they go AWOL, it’s hard to chase after missing documentation.

7. Connect commission payments to collection. While they may be good in selling and taking orders, they are not so good as collection. What if the check bounces?

Also, don’t allow them to collect cash. The one who sells/takes the order, and the one who collects should be two different people, Frontrow or not.

8. Once collected, pay up based on what was agreed in the contract. Especially to those who are good in selling, never cheat them with their compensation. They know how to count so pay up. Para lalo silang maging motivated.

9. Make sure you always praise them in public, and admonish them in private. Malaki ang ego ng mga yan (They have big egos). They want positive affirmation all the time.

10. They find it hard to stay in one job. Madali silang magsawa sa trabaho. Pag ayaw na, gusto agad immediate resignation. Then makulit and sweet talk on the clearance even if nag AWOL. Huwag pagbigyan. 

Always make sure that if they resign, everything is documented and due process is given. Kasi kung sabi sabi lang, mababaliktad ka sa pinagusapan and DOLE/Tulfo ang abot mo.

Good luck in recruiting an ex-MLM employee!

As for Dave and his battle with his ex-employers, good luck to both of you and may the truth prevail.


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