Spot, Don’t Tell

I know of a handful of good women and their naughty little partners.

For some reason, I come across some acquaintance’s husband who should not be doing what they were doing when I saw them.

One had the bad luck of bumping into me not once but four times in the company of people that was not their wife:

  • 2x in an airplane. I have no clue how I could I have been so lucky. I’m just moving towards my seat and BAM! There he is!
  • Once in a Philippines hotel
  • And another in the Marina Bay Sands lobby

Rumor has it that his companions were not business partners, and despite his success in the Philippines, the man cannot help but have a little fun on the side.

We know the wife.

She is active in church, respected by her peers and seems to be a wonderful mother to her kids.

Hence, it’s a bit of an issue when you see the husband and the wife is not there.

What if it was just a business trip?” You may ask. “Not all women who accompany the husband can automatically be mistresses.”

Sure, but last I heard, the husband and wife have separate quarters. It might be because he snores, or maybe it’s because she is tired of his philandering ways, but have no choice of keeping the guise of a happy family.

There are many naughty men in Manila

Boss, if my wife calls or texts, can you please tell her I have a delivery?” asked our driver. “I am with my tropa.”

Tropa by the way means troops or friends.

Or a husband who has been cheating with some random chick in the South, all the while playing the guise of dedicated family man.

She’s trying to catch me,” he says. “She feels I am cheating on her but there’s no evidence. It’s not cheating unless you love them, right?”

Or another friend who sees his family in the weekends, but drinks in the evening in a local bar.

He’s already a father of two daughters,” my husband said. “No way will he cheat on his wife.”

Well, so he should not put his hand on my girl friend’s back, shouldn’t he?

Apparently, it’s hard for guys to stay monogamous in Manila.

I also know of several naughty husbands who have flirted and slept with women who are not their wives. If we are being honest with ourselves, the men seem to be content with their family, and yet, when given the opportunity, they deem to bite when temptation knocks.

And it happens to the most random of women.

One woman who is a Youtube celebrity and is happy that she’s having almost 100,000 followers on the site. She’s pregnant with their second kid and seems to have a happy home.

I saw her husband in a local tapas bar with friends last week. They were in the company of extremely beautiful models. And they were having a fun time.

He later called to subtly ask not to mention it to her that he was there. Obviously, she did not know where he was and if she did, not whom he was with.

Pretty sure if she knows, she’ll blow her top. Because she has had trust issues with him in the past.

Are you not glad that my phone is full of robots and cars and not women?” my husband quipped.

Yes hubby.

I have to thank my lucky stars that he’s pretty behaved when it comes to this. And we do have our share of problems, but thankfully not this.

But what do you do when you know that a friend is definitely cheating on his wife?

Do you squeal and tell?

Or do you keep quiet and mind your own business?

It’s not easy to meddle on other people’s personal business. Sometimes, it’s easy just to tell other people and warn them. But other times, why pop the balloon?

The messenger usually gets shot.

So who wants to be a messenger?

So I spot…. but don’t really tell.

I keep my mouth shut.

If the woman is not smart enough to find out, then she should be kept in the dark. Telling her anyway when she is not ready only creates problems, and you get none of the gratitude and more of the ire.

I will tell the truth though if she asks me straight to my face if her husband is cheating.

Once she does, I will disclose.

Until then, it’s none of my business.

How about you? Would you tell?

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      1. Yes, I know. It is one of the hallmark characteristics of the Pinoy “macho (-machunurin)”. Some are extremely cocky and have queridas while others are comfortable under the saya of their wives. The Pinoy idea of the macho really arouses my curiosity

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