HR Series: Are you a Responsive HR Leader?

Responsive HR Leadership was covered by Mr. Ericson A. del Castillo, Country Head for HR for Nissan Philippines Inc.

He begins his talk by saying we should not be reactive leaders. It’s better to be PROACTIVE LEADERS.


Hirap kasi maging reactive HR leader. Because they are affected by their environment.

But proactive leaders understand their value in the organization. We need to understand what competencies and talents we need for business survival.

There are 3 Cs of Proactive HR Leadership

  • Competence: Can do the job
  • Commitment: Going far and beyond
  • Character: Integrity and Intent

As HR, we should know our own business, its language, its vision.

Like in the car industry, trade relations between China and the USA is important.

So if you’re part of this industry, you should have knowledge regarding this critical issue.

Another example, the Security of Tenure (SOT) was vetoed recently. But it’s back in the table. So if you’re a good HR, you need to prepare where SOT might be one day possible.

Now, we need to have LEADER-Agility

We need to be cognizant of the present. We need to be aware on what’s occuring in the environment.

We need to have a Grasp of the Past, so that we can integrate and collaborate the present with our history.

If you’re new to the role, you need to ask the history of a policy. Ask your colleagues. So you can make a smarter policies to avoid past problems.


Recruitment is difficult. Hiring the right person is critical in building the business.

The moment you hire the wrong person, it’s so hard to fire them.

HR needs to have an Owner’s mindset.

According to a 2016 HBR article, we should teach our employees to have an Owner’s mindset.

But instead of an owner’s mindset, we should go deeper and go through the Founder’s mindset.

If we can instill such mindset, our business will grow more.

Founders are more obssessed to growth. If employees have a founders mindset, how can they not grow more?

Integrity and Intent

Integrity is honesty. Intent is the reason behind a decision.

We are only credible if we have Character, Competence/Results and Intent.

Attract, Develop and Engage Talents

We need to ask ourselves, “what keeps you awake at night?”

It’s not sales or the people.

Rather, we are concerned for READY LEADERS.

Accelerate was a leadership training program for rising stars and top talents.

To expose the younger leaders to the challenges that will face them in the future. It is focused on MENTORING.

This program was their proactive response to the leadership gap. To be trained or perform actual work. Expose them to the industry.


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