Why Responsiveness is Key to a Meaningful HR

This is a true story:

The staff called the HR to ask why there was a missing php500 in her cash card. This was not the first time, but the third time already. She alleged that the agency was stealing from her payroll slowly but surely.

Upon hearing the complaint, HR immediately conducted an investigation.

The agency proved that it was not their fault since the deposit slip showed the correct amount. A quick call to the bank showed the bank did not charge the staff for over withdrawal. So it was not them.

Another call to BDO traced the staff’s transactions —- Apparently, the withdrawals came directly from her card. Before she could withdraw her salary, somebody else from her side was taking php500 from the cash card.


The entire episode took less than an hour.

Within this hour, the staff calmed down, renewed her trust with her employer, and discovered that her live-in partner was secretly stealing from her one payroll at a time. There was hell to pay when she got home.

Upon finding out what the HR did, the staff felt that this was a great company to work for.

Instead of saying, “I don’t know,” the HR actually took her complaint seriously, actively investigated the problem, and produced actual results. The company of course benefited via association to the HR.

This is why responsiveness is key to a meaningful HR in any organization.

Responsiveness means heart and care for the other. If you don’t care, you just won’t respond.

Responsiveness means you’re on it, and everyone should calm down.

A staff who has problems can’t focus on work, and productivity declines. But because they know HR is really on it, they can depend on the HR to give conclusive answers, and there’s really nothing a staff should worry about. Many a problems are avoided because an issue is settled quickly, decisively and thoroughly.

Responsiveness is doing your job right.

A responsive HR signals a responsive and responsible company. So if you have a responsive HR in your organization, that means the leaders also value responsiveness in all things.

Now, who wouldn’t want to work for that?

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