Business Lesson: Always Check the Breakdown

Story 1:

Ma’m, it’s almost time to pay for the next round of classes again,” my daughter’s yaya said. She showed me the Statement of Account for the next session.

Huh? I just paid them,” I replied, checking the breakdown:

In life, it is super duper important to double check your billing and look at the breakdown.

The billing is correct, but I double checked my records of her attendance to see that I don’t double pay.

Now, every module has 8 classes. My daughter comes in every Wednesday and Friday. There were 8 Wednesdays and Fridays on June 2019.

But last June 5 and 12 were Philuppines holidays so the school was closed.

So in total, daughter has only attended 6 classes in June, NOT 8.

If I didn’t double check my records, I would have paid what was indicated in the SOA for the month of July, forget about the two sessions, and lost myself php1,025 for my laziness and ignorance!

Lesson learned?

Keep good records. And always double check your breakdown.


Story 2:

I received the following text last Monday:

Tina, you still owe us ₱16,469 for Delivery Receipt # 8384/8390/8668/8691.

Instead of panicking, I double checked my records. Lo and behold, it was all there clearly written.

So I texted back:

Sent all deposit slips via Viber before. Please check and acknowledge receipt. As of the moment, we are now fully paid and don’t have any utang,” I wrote.

You save a LOT of money if you:

  1. Keep your receipts.

  2. Keep clear records. I batch them by supplier.

  3. Double check the billing and per breakdown.

If the customer didn’t check, he or she would have paid more than what was agreed on, and it’s only because he stupidly trust that just because there is a statement of account, everything written there is correct.

Don’t be lazy.

Or stupid.

Always check the receipt.

Keep clear records.

And always check the breakdwon.

Have a great week everyone!

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