Do we have time to take a break?

I read this statement this morning:

“Maybe be kinder to yourself, Momma. If money is not an issue, maybe you can slow down for like a year and enjoy your baby while she’s still a baby and let yourself heal.”

Honestly, I am a bit envious of people who can quit their job and take a break. Even after a minor operation where I should take 30 days of rest, I don’t. Because work seems never ending.

My desk is messy and piled up with things to do. I have resorted to To Do Lists just to make sure I don’t forget anything for the next day:


The question every morning is never just, “What should I do today?” 

Rather, the correct question is, “What should I PRIORITIZE today?”

I know that when the day is done, there will be something pending. Something that I would not be able to finish due to time constraints. Hence, I should do the important things first so the business won’t blow up.

My answer to this not so helpful advice of just quitting and taking care of the baby?

She can’t take a break. The same way I can’t take one.

We have a business that’s alive and growing. A responsibility to our staff to provide them livelihood as they themselves have children of their own.

If we quit, a lot of people will lose their jobs.

So the best we can do is balance motherhood with work, pay for a nanny to help, and trust that everything will turn out well.

The difficulty to raising a newborn is only 2-3 months. The business took us years to be at the state it is now. It will not be easy just to give it up. We make do with the resources we have.

Quitting your job and taking care of the baby is not really a luxury I can take. I have a business to run, people to manage, families to feed. Barring a life-threatening disease, my good sense refuses just to take a break because so many people still depend on me.

So why don’t you delegate? 

I am.

Trust me, I really am.

As the business grows, we do hire and welcome good people who come in and help run the entire thing. Personally, I am very fortunate to have my team right now.

But my team still requires help and guidance. They still need to be trained on running the things I want our business to run.

So I’m still there guiding everyone, up until someone comes in who can do my job, which by the way is the end goal.

You know what?

The real deal is actually, I have a lot of kids.

My husband is my kid. My daughter is my kid. And my people are my kids. Actually, I have a lot of children to take care of.


One day, when I’ve trained them enough, my children will be independent and run the business with minimal help.

Till that time, break times come very seldom, and one must enjoy the rest that the evening brings.

And sometimes, get a massage when my shoulders hurt.

Do you have time to take a long break?

I envy you. 🙂

One day, I hope I can.

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