What I did in 2010… (Part I)

2010 had been a year of new beginnings and many changes. Here’s a brief rundown:

January 2010: Trader and I had already been together for the last eight months and our relationship is rocky. We fight a lot because he somehow makes a lot of hirits (underhanded comments) about other women and my weight. It pisses me off. Regardless, we are in a serious relationship and I am starting to think of the relationship on a long-term way.

Career-wise, I am doing our firm’s largest conference for the second time. I am more relaxed this time around and the event was very successful. I do experienced a huge bout of food poisoning on the last day of the conference. Experienced what it’s like to have myself checked in a Mandarin hospital. It ain’t that bad after you get used to the zig zags and confusion.


February 2010: Trader visits for an investor conference. I find out that my house got burglerized and my precious laptop and all my photos got stolen! Sucks.

Went back to Manila and Met Trader’s parents – they hate me. Oh well, you can’t really win them all, but for sure, I don’t have any bad feelings against them. They did a good job raising Trader and I’ll love them for it.

Favorite post that month: The Allure of the Married Guy


March 2010: I take a leap and my GMAT, applying for HKUST the very next day. The essays were a bit of a bitch but not as difficult as I love to write. What sucks however is my laptop got stolen the month before — taking along my almost-finished essays. Sighing, I do them all over again.

I was torn between doing my MBA part-time or full-time especially since my colleagues are pressuring me to NOT quit my job. I finally submitted my application citing that I am interested in a full-time degree and crossed my fingers. Figured, it’s harder to transfer from the part-time program to the full-time instead of vice-versa.

Favorite post that month: At the Crossroad


April 2010: I went on a nine-day trip to Eastern Europe, jetting to Germany, Czech Republic, Austria and Hungary and buying beautiful things from Prada when I can still afford it. Warning: I love the purse, but the bag can be a tad bit heavy. And with no zippers, not as practical especially in areas where pickpocketers are rampant.

I have just gotten my acceptance letter to HKUST after one round of live interviews. I got the letter before I left for Germany and pondered over the issue. When I got back, I told my boss about it and he’s been encouraging. So I kinda resigned right then and there.

It’s funny – telling your boss you’re resigning is liberating. I lose a bit of that energy for work and get to work at 9:30 am for the first time I started working. I feel a bit guilty. My colleagues are snickering but they still don’t know I’m leaving them yet. Their panic comes later when they find out through other channels.

Favorite post that month: Why a relationship is like a branded bag


May 2010: People are surprised when they found out I’m quitting and choosing a Hong Kong university (and not an overseas university) for my MBA. This is the reason. I finally decided to do my MBA full time. This is the reason.

Trader and I celebrate our 1st year anniversary on May 16. I write a post listing 50 reasons that people didn’t know about myself and Trader. Full of vanity really, but this is my blog so I figured I could write whatever I wanted. Haha.

I travel to Shanghai to see the Expo on my own eyes with my parents. Here are my comments (without photos) about the event. Just too freaking lazy to post long posts about it. But it’s spectacular.

After seeing my pregnant friends transform into aunties, I write this post. Quite mean in a way, but brutally honest.


June 2010: I bid goodbye to my office after almost 4 years of service (am one month too short). I travel to Singapore and celebrate my first day of bumhood there. After a few days in Singapore where I celebrated Trader’s birthday, I travel to Egypt. I attempt to post about my experience but think lasted for only a few days. This is my post on my first day in the Karnak Temple.

– To be continued –

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